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Pregnancy Diary: 20th-22nd Dec - Dating Scan Day

20th December: Dating Scan Day
Today was the day we found out if our dates were right. We went to the hospital after an eventful morning trying to get Kyd to school on his last day before Christmas, he was trying to pull the wool over Hoff’s eyes with the ‘I feel poorly’ card, I pulled the plug on it quite quickly which caused a tantrum... he doesn’t do mornings very well... nothing like his mother *whistles*...  So we were told we’d be waiting ages in the hospital as we were squeezed in and so Hoff (who was supposed to be working from home) took along his laptop and dongle so he didn’t get in trouble.... turns out we waited less than 45 minutes and he didn’t even get his laptop out of his bag... result. We met the specialist and he was lovely. People with a sense of humour put me at ease and he opened with a joke... I don’t remember what it was I was too nervous I just remember laughing... so this relaxed me completely. We discussed why I was there the history with my genetics and Kyd’s diagnosis. We made small talk about Christmas dinners whilst we prepared the machine and then we saw the Baby... it was so much bigger and clearer than last time and it was only 8 days ago we saw it last... remarkable really the speed at which they grow at this stage. It was lovely seeing it’s little heart beating again and then all of a sudden we hear this little dumdumdumdumdumdumdumdum it was its little heart beating! We were actually listening to the heartbeat... this made it all feel ever so real! I don’t think Hoff realised what it was at first until the doc said ‘well its heartbeat is at the normal beat per hour’. It was amazing and although I had tried so hard to tell myself that this was all a dream so to prepare myself for the worst... I was ever so giddy! You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face if you’d tried. Hoff looked the same he was trying to be clever and hide it but you could see his eyes gleaming. The baby was measured and it showed that I was 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant and that my due date was 27/07/12..... WAIT A MINUTE... HOLD UP!!... That is exactly a year to the day that we have booked our wedding (27/07/13)... HOW WEIRD IS THAT!!!  Good job I have that year to lose my baby weight really hey!! I’d have had to delay it otherwise!... anyway all was growing nicely and baby was as healthy as they could make out via a scan and he passed us 3 beautiful pictures and then it was on to the serious stuff!
THE DATE FOR THE CVS TEST... He worked out the earliest I could have it done and booked me in... 10th January 2012 was the date which they would do the tests, I’d be 11 weeks and 4 days. EEEEEEEKKKKKK now that did feel real. Although strangely I was still smiling and so was Hoff. He went through what would be going on and what would be happening on the day. It was all quite straight forward and I was happy with our final decision. The Midwife who was present took my blood as we needed to find out which blood group I am... I had no Idea, surely after the amount of blood I’ve had taken someone had written down my blood group... obviously not... She also took my Booking in bloods so that the midwife didn’t have too when I actually booked in with her. I hadn’t yet as we didn’t know what was going on and we were seeing so many specialists we waited for the all clear before we bothered. We made silly small talk again but during the silly small talk he explained that I was one in a million... and no it wasn’t a come on... he meant that out of all the women he see’s and tests for the Translocation gene I actually have it and they generally don’t... also the translocation I hold is one of the rarest that he’s seen... I always knew I was one of a kind but it’s nice to hear it sometimes!! Lol , shame it makes things like falling pregnant and having a baby such hard work! Anyway with that parting comment we wished them a Happy Christmas and then we left....
So there you go we have the dates for the big test and we have a due date too AND to top it off we have another 3 pictures of our baby to go with the one we have already. It’s gone from looking like a baked bean to a broad bean in 8 short days... I’m still amazed at the difference. We are going to start a baby album up now with a timeline of scans... we’ve got loads more to go yet... most photographed baby yet to be born!! Getting it prepped for stardom... well we can dream!
I have also spoken to my Genetics specialist today who is now up to speed with my crazy few weeks of trauma and tears and she has notified the labs of the date for the CVS test so they know they’re receiving them and when... So it’s all set to go at that end which is nice to know. Hoff has to have his bloods taken at the CVS test as well as me as they need a clear view of his genes too... I’m not sure how he feels about this but he will just have to man up and take it, as with the amount of blood they’ve taken from me recently I’m surprised I’m still standing. The Midwife is also now booked for my booking in appointment and they could only fit me in the day before the CVS test... busy few days I’ve booked myself in for there. Luckily as they did my bloods today they don’t have to do them again at the midwife appointment... thank god for that!
Right time to make the tea... I’m still smiling.
22nd December: Feeling it
Dizziness, sickness and hormones are in full swing today I’ve almost fainted 3 times #thatisall

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