Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Pregnancy Diary: 19th Jan – OMG The Results are IN!!

So I was hoping for the results to come through before Friday so that we could announce the pregnancy at a friend’s party, but I was thinking it would probably be Friday that I get them or knowing my luck after the weekend... but NOPE I got them today!!! 
I answered my phone and when I heard Eva’s (the genetics specialist) voice I began to panic... ‘I have some news’... My heart fell to my stomach, my brain was about to burst... ‘it’s all good news’ she said... at that moment my whole body melted into nothing and I slumped to the floor. She told me all the details but I almost switched off.... I could hear what she was saying but it wasn’t sinking in. She said she was thrilled and that she was now able to tell me the sex.... ‘It’s a boy’ she said... my body stopped still again... ‘ahhhh that’s nice’ was my response... I had this odd feeling inside me like I was really happy but something was missing.... I had kept telling myself it was going to be a boy because I had a weird feeling but deep down I wanted a girl.
I got myself together and thanked her over and over for all her help and then she was gone. I won’t speak to her now until I want another baby... that’s a scary thought. I was a bit sad that after all the hard work she had done and all the phone calls we’d had she was now out of our lives... I’m going to send her a picture of him when he gets here with a big thank you card. 

Then I tried to get hold of Hoff... the only day he was in a meeting and not the office, so he couldn’t answer his phone... typical. I text him asking him to phone me ASAP and then I just had to wait... on my own, in my house, with the biggest news ever and I couldn’t tell people until he knew that’d be wrong... It was the most painful wait, it was worse than the wait we’ve had for the past 3 months by far!... there were tears, grins, panic... not much else happened really until...

1 hour... YES A WHOLE BLOODY HOUR... later! I get a phone call! ‘What’s up?’ he said... I went on to explain and all I could hear in the background was him giggling and repeating ‘it’s a boy’... happy daddy to be. All men want to hear the words ‘it’s a boy’ deep down and he was in fact hearing those exact words. He had to scurry back to work but he was so happy... I could now begin to tell my family and friends that already knew about the baby and tests, as I knew they were waiting as impatiently as me. I had tears, screams, laughs and I told you so’s! All very relieved and all very happy for us... So now to prepare for the real announcement on Saturday, the announcement to the world.... Oh my... I’m ever so nervous, that makes it feel so real!

Now just to make this clear, I wasn’t too disappointed for long about this baby having boy bits, in fact, I decided quite quickly it would probably be easier as we already know what to do with a boy. I still think that if I had a girl, Karma would come and bit me in the bum and she’d be a terror teen just like I was and we’d not cope.... so technically a boy is a blessing in disguise. I often think that people that say it doesn’t matter what the sex is, secretly have a preference deep down, as its hard not to. Especially if you’ve already got a particular sex... everybody dreams of the perfect family, a girl, a boy, a mum, a dad... this can’t be helped. So I’m not awful for having my initial disappointment and it doesn’t make me want this baby any less or make me an awful mother. It just makes me human... I might dress him in pink frilly dresses for a while, but other than that it will all be fine.... *disclaimer* this is a joke! 

So there we have it, I’m going to be a mum of 2 boys, in a house with 5 males and I’ll be screaming ‘Put the toilet seat down!!!’ for the rest of my life... Oh the Joy of male domination!

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  1. Oh Alice, I am so pleased for you! Huge congratulations. xx


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