Saturday, 4 February 2012

Pregnancy Diary: 16th-17th Dec - Updates and Bras

16th December: Quick Update
I have spoken to the Screening nurse at the hospital and we have a date for the dating scan... next Tuesday.... (20th December) I expressed our wishes on the screenings and what decisions we had made and she was more than happy to arrange for us to discuss it further with the specialist that will be doing the CVS test... He just so happened to be the one doing my dating scan too so I could meet him beforehand to settle my nerves. Only a few days to go and we will see baby again... now that does feel weird!

17th December: Maternity Bras
So my boobs are now getting on my nerves... I love that they’re growing but they don’t half bloody hurt! It was that constant awkward trying not to brush past them with my arms or lean on them or hug too hard. I’ve had enough now it’s spoiling my sleep! I love my sleep!... So I Googled what to do about it... and I got BUY A MATERNITY BRA as an answer... What on earth are they? And how are they any different to normal bras? I knew they did nursing bra’s I had them when I was nursing Kyd but I never had a maternity bra!!
So I went to Mothercare and had a look... They were just soft supportively shaped bras... I don’t know whether I was disappointed or relieved... So I bought 2 as I was intrigued as to how they’d help... I was more worried that someone in the shop would know us and would see us looking at the maternity section so I was planning my excuses in my head... ‘They’re for a friend’ was my favourite as the ‘they’re cheaper and more comfy than other bras so I wear them all the time’ was both wrong and weird all at the same time. Luckily nobody was around which was a shocker as we seem to have lots of friends up the duff at the moment.
So the bras themselves aren’t much different to normal bras like I said, but they are bloody comfy! I put one on when we got home and they are a god send. Although they still hurt, they feel more like they are supported and I am happy with that!... First bra I’ve owned with no padding in ages though, it feels weird!
All in all a great purchase!

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