Monday, 13 February 2012

Pregnancy Diary: 12th Jan - Too early to buy a Cot?

So this morning I misplaced my mother after she forgot to take her keys on the school run and decided to disappear into thin air. After several phone calls to people who I thought she’d have gone too, I decided she would just be in a charity shop somewhere. Turns out she was... I know her too well. 3 hours after taking Kyd to school she appeared at my door. She had been wondering around the shops she said. We had made plans with some family members to have lunch, which turned into dinner as we had to wait for someone to finish something. We had a trip round the lovely Primark and then went over for dinner. After dinner we went shopping again... I was knackered by this point and I wasn’t really supposed to have left the house but I wasn’t complaining it was nice to see people. We then went to Mamas and Papas I loved looking at these with the knowing we were nearly at the stage where we might be buying things for real... turns out we didn’t have to wait. As they were having a sale my mum decided it would be a great idea to purchase a CotBed now so that it’d be cheaper... Although I was overwhelmed by the generosity a small part of me was nervous, are we jinxing the test results? Are we doing this too early?... Oh and where are we going to keep it for 6 months? The play room is still just that, a play room, we have ages before it’s a nursery! Also turns out they store it for you until you need it... How great is that? So in April we will receive our Cot and then it’ll only be 3 months to wait for it to have a use.... I’m still abit sceptical as I’m a bit of a superstitious type of gal but it’s a Big Tick off my ‘To Buy’ list though I suppose... Thanks Mum xxx


  1. You're welcome

  2. And I wasn't lost...just checking out the cot-beds for hours, and letting you sleep, after being locked out after the school run, haha, you all thought it funny that I went 'missing'. Facebook was busy that morning!


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