Sunday, 12 February 2012

Pregnancy Diary: 11th Jan - Shocking News

So today I’m quite sore, a little like an internal bruise that hasn’t appeared just yet. I can’t bend down and I’m really tired but again I am under house arrest and therefore I can just rest up in bed or watch TV. My mum took Kyd to school and Hoff was back at work and I just slept until midday. I got up at about 1pm and then watched TV downstairs... not that much of an exciting kind of day but I quite enjoyed it actually. My cousin Red came to see me with Salt and Vinegar Squares and a bottle of Dr Pepper and I have never been that excited to see her face. She came to keep me company and we just had a giggle and watched TV. My mum picked Kyd up from school got him changed and took him out so he was out of my hair so it was still quite relaxing even after 3.30pm which is rare in this house.
Then all of a sudden my phone rang, it was the Genetics specialist. I thought she was just seeing how I was doing after yesterday and that she was checking I was taking it easy... turns out I was wrong, she had some news... ALREADY!
I couldn’t breathe, Red was just looking at me like I was about to burst... then she said it...
‘The quick test results showed NO SIGN OF DOWN SYNDROME’
I thought I was going to be sick at first but it sort of didn’t sink in. She went on to say that it wasn’t 100% accurate and that I’d have to wait until the full results were in to be sure but it was looking good... I couldn’t believe how quickly that they’d got the results back. I knew they’d been waiting for the tests in the lab but I wasn’t expecting the results just over 24hrs after the actual test as I was told 3 days. Even the specialist was shocked at the speed of their work. I didn’t know what to say. She said she’d be back in touch as soon as she hears from the rest of the results and she congratulated me on jumping this hurdle.
I tried to ring Hoff at work and he didn’t answer so I held off telling anyone until I spoke to him. I sat for a bit with Red and then all of a sudden it hit me. This was the biggest hurdle. This was the biggest risk and although it wasn’t 100% yet it was almost like my shoulders felt lighter. Red laughed at me as she had wondered why I hadn’t really mentioned it after the initial phone call it was like I’d forgotten. I rung Hoff again and broke the news. He was so shocked actually he was more confused I think. How could they know so quickly? Right now for the phoning of the family and friends waiting on tender hooks with us... let’s just say the news was well taken and everyone was relieved but also know that this is still a secret and there were still things to be tested!
So there we go... I’m pretty relieved but I honestly think it’s not sunk in yet. I seem too calm


  1. thats a huge hurdle to have passed, and I'm sure the rest of the pregnancy will continue to pass as smoothly as possible I am so pleased for you, now stay resting and look after yourself x

  2. Glad it was good new hun, hope you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy x


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