Saturday, 11 February 2012

Pregnancy Diary: 10th Jan - The Big Day – The CVS Test

So this is what I’d been waiting for and I know that this whole situation will be over within 2 weeks and we’d know the fate of baby Sprout. Even that sentence is killing me to say. One part of me wants to jump for joy and one part of me wants to scream and cry. I don’t want this to all end in tears but I need to know so it has to be done. I need to do this, for me, for Hoff and for our family. I honestly believe this is for the best and my fingers are crossed even if my head is a mess. I know this is the right thing for us and we will deal with the results as and when they come. It’s all up to fate and fate is something out of all of our control. So let’s just do this. Our appointment is booked for 10.15am, we got there early so I could have a bite to eat for breakfast... a bite sums it up really as that is all I actually had as that was all I could stomach. We dodged 2 people we knew in the hospital as obviously people didn’t know anything and going in to the maternity unit was a little obvious. We appeared at the Ultrasound waiting room handed over my notes and sat down. I was surrounded by pregnant women waiting to see their babies for the first time and this made me smile thinking about how excited they must be... it distracted me a little from what was about to happen. We made small talk and then Hoff said to me ‘did you know that they can tell the sex of the baby from this test?’ I had purposely not read up on the tests as I thought it would freak me out so I had no idea they could do that. He however had done his research and he was quite excited by this. I told him I wasn’t sure they could so I’d ask the consultant when I got in there. We were then shouted... I was gobsmacked I thought we’d be waiting ages. We slowly walked in we were greeted by the consultant and the screening midwife who I’d had many conversations with on the phone and we sat down. I took a deep breath and decided to smile through it. I was shaking and Hoff was clinging on to my hand for reassurance. We went through the necessities and the risks and then we heard it again... we heard the heartbeat. I smiled but deep down I was praying. I was praying after all this we’d hear that again. We then saw sprout again on the screen. I can’t believe how much sprout had grown it was bouncing about and trying to punch its way out of there, so much so that the consultant struggled to get a clear picture and angle. He measured the nuclear fold in sprouts neck and it was normal... this is a huge sign of Down Syndrome and so was a relief... although Kyd’s fold was also normal hence why it wasn’t picked up during pregnancy so it wasn’t really that telling for me. It also turns out Hoff was right you can learn the sex of the baby from this test, this is exciting as I’ll know at 13-14 weeks rather than waiting for the 20 week scan... this is great for a planner like me! I’m excited to know. BUT Then it was time...

*this next part will be in detail if you are squeamish skip this paragraph*
I know many parents or expectant mothers will not wish to know details of the CVS testing but as I struggled to find a parental version of the CVS test online I hope this will help other mums about to go through it understand the process fully from a parental point of you. Please don’t read it if you don’t want too and please don’t judge me for having the test done in the first place.
They start by numbing the wall of the belly with an injection, the same one they use on your gums at the dentist. They then rescan the belly and locate the placenta. With a long sharp needle and quick action they then pierce the stomach wall. It was quick but painful and I held on to Hoff’s hand tighter than ever before. He then moved the needle into place and with another quick and sharp movement he pierced the womb. This felt like he’d popped a balloon in my stomach and I have to admit it was the most painful part although it was quick so short lived. Whilst searching on the scan screen for the placenta and making sure he was in the right place he said ‘if you can see right there this is the needle point and this is the placenta’... at that point my eyes were tightly shut and I wasn’t about to look, Hoff did though and he said he didn’t look long but couldn’t help it. As I told the consultant I had my eyes shut and was trying not to look I began to laugh... not the best time really as your stomach moves and I had a great big needle sticking in it, but he had made me relax and therefore giggle. He located the placenta perfectly and he began the next part of the procedure... He had to jiggle the needle up and down to make a suction so to get a piece of the placenta into the syringe. The only way to describe this is to imagine a child on a space hopper or a pogo stick... this was the action taken on my stomach, up down, up down. I’m not going to lie it hurt and It wasn’t a nice feeling at all but again it was quick. He then managed to suck up into the syringe and within seconds he pulled it straight out of my stomach and it was all done. It was all so quick. As he checked he had enough of a sample he declared that it was successful... If it hadn’t been they could only attempt to do it once more and then they’d have to stop. Luckily it was all over for me. It was such a relief and it was so quick. He then checked sprouts heartbeat again... Sprout seemed perfectly happy in there and was absolutely fine. We even got another scan photo to prove it. The whole thing took less than 20 minutes and hurt less than I’d thought because it was all done quite quickly. The midwife present said that many women find it doesn’t really hurt it’s more of an uncomfortable and unpleasant feeling, just depends on the patient I suppose. So I had got there at 10.15am and I was out and home by 11.30... Thank God for that I had a whole morning of waiting planned.
Time is now 12pm and I’m lying on the sofa with a bacon sandwich. I have a small pin prick just under my belly button and I’m only a little bit sore but that’s about all I have to show for my morning of madness that I’ve waited 11 weeks for... I thought I’d be bruised or bleeding and I thought I’d at least have a bigger plaster than this. It’s almost funny, if getting it hadn’t hurt so much. I am really tired, I’m not sure whether that’s due to the lack of sleep last night or the stress of this morning but as I’m under sofa arrest so I can sleep if I need too as I have nothing to worry about. I am under strict instructions to do nothing for 48hrs and I’m happy but nervous about that. I have 2 days of doing nothing I’m quite good at doing nothing when there are things to be done but when there is nothing to be done I can’t stand it. My mum is on her way from Yorkshire to be here over the bed rest period and she will be on Kyd duty. The housework is done and I literally have nothing to do but write this.... This feels so weird. I feel a bit useless like a beached whale. Hoff has just gone out to get me some KFC which is probably the best and most romantic thing he could’ve done for me at this very moment in time.... I’m easily pleased. I have let all my knowing well wishers know I’m safe and home and now I can just sit and catch up on my soaps.
I now have a 3 day wait for the first result and 2 weeks for the full set of the results including the sex of the baby.... Then I know fully what this is going to bring... a baby or devastation... This is going to kill us more than the last 11 weeks I think. Wish us luck!


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