Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Pregnacy Diary: New Year - Final Hurdle Over

31st December: New Years Eve, the final public hurdle...
OMG, what a relief. We do actually have plans but away from prying eyes and wagging tongues and there is no need to drastically search for a Kyd sitter either. We are having a quiet night in with a take away Curry and a few good friends... who are also pregnant... and know everything that’s going on! It’s like a weight off my shoulders not having to lie to people all night... I am so relieved!
The Night: So we had an amazing and soba night after a good win at the footy. Nobody drunk even the boys stayed soba... that might have been guilt rather than through choice but we didn’t ask them too! It was quite sweet really I thought. We had a lovely curry, drank fake wine, watched Kyd get overly excited by the fireworks on the TV and then went to bed! First soba NYE in years... and I loved it! It shows what can change when something so important is making it do so... I never thought I’d enjoy a quiet NYE as much as I did and I’m rather proud of myself... if not slightly worried that I’m getting old before my time... nahhhh!!
The good thing is I have no other drinking engagements until after the test results soooo we’re home and dry until we can actually announce it or not... as the case may be... but either way it’s the last public hurdle.... Phewwww

1st January 2012: Not long to go before we know...
Ok so on the 9th I have my first midwife appointment and the 10th is the CVS test... emotions are running high today and I’ve realised I’m not that far away from finding out the truth behind sprouts fate.... that sounds so wrong but it is true. The daunting prospects of the results are really getting to me. I can’t stop crying. Not only that but I am really struggling with this stupid sickness. I have had a soba NYE but feel like I’ve been downing pints of vodka! I’m so dizzy it’s stupid I have to keep lying on the floor. Needless to say I haven’t left the house today and I have been lying down and doing nothing... although we have put Christmas to bed today and got the house back to normal. It feels weird but lovely all at the same time.
I’m praying that this sickness, dizziness and hormonal outbursts are all worth it and are all come with a beautiful final product.... fingers firmly crossed!

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