Thursday, 26 January 2012

Pregnancy Diary: Oct - Nov '11: PGD? or No PGD?

Still no sign of that blue cross but I am now waiting patiently for my PGD forms from a hospital in London that deals with the Egg Screening. The Egg screening is done just like IVF where they farm your eggs using injections, then they take them and check them for the faulty gene and then only put the healthy eggs back in to my womb, eliminating the chances of the specific disabilities... if there are any healthy eggs that is. This can be very expensive such as it is with IVF and we are not sure we will get funding as of yet so these forms will be for us to fill in and for us and our situation to be screened ourselves as such. We will have a consultation with the team at Guys Hospital, London and we will then be told more about the treatment and the funding ... Fingers crossed we get funding if it’s available, as we will never be able to fund it otherwise.
I’m really scared by this whole system so I don’t really want to look too far in to it until I see the specialist team, as I will get in a muddle with all the facts and figures. So I will be sat at that desk with my DoDo notepad and pen and I will sit, listen and note down all the info I need to look at again when I get home. I hope I’m not going to cry again... I don’t think I have any tears left so it’ll just be noise.... and let’s face it that will just be embarrassing...

November 2011: The Forms
Ok so the forms are here!! They’ve come with all sorts of diagrams and info and they are hard to look at but I am going to set them aside and work up to filling them out next week...

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