Sunday, 29 January 2012

Pregnancy Diary: Nov 27th - Pain, Panic and Pills #2

Staying in Hospital is never fun but when you’re admitted at 3am and then rudely awoken by the same nurse that admitted you at 6am, as she opens all the curtains and announces breakfast ... DO I LOOK LIKE I WANT BREAKFAST!! I had to tell her to leave me to sleep and explain it was only a couple of hours ago that she was telling me that I need my rest and should try to sleep... I AM TRYING TO SLEEP, GOD DAMN IT! I made my point as she closed the curtains and I grumbled and turned over... I’m not a morning person at the best of times but that was just taking the P**s. So obviously I slept through Breakfast. I woke up and was still in pain but couldn’t have any more tablets for another few hours. Nobody came round to see if I was ok. I had been told I had to do a wee sample whilst I was half asleep but hadn’t been given anything to wee in. I had to walk up and down the ward whilst dizzy and feeling very sick to find someone to give me one. Then I sat back down... doing nothing... nobody offered me some food, I’d have taken some cold dry toast at that point. I was just glad Hoff had packed me a banana and some monster munch when he had gone to get my PJ’s. I felt a bit stupid when I rang my nurse’s bell to ask for some pain killers as the people around me were so severely ill. I was in pain but the girl opposite me was beginning to look a lot worse than she did when I had woken up. Her machines were beeping and she was struggling to breathe. The poor girl had had such a bad burst appendix that it had wrapped around her internal organs. She however at this point had run out of oxygen... RUN OUT! They hadn’t even noticed and even I had noticed her getting worse. She had told them she was getting worse several hours before that and when they finally did her OBS they had dropped so badly they were all running around panicking! She soon perked up when they pulled their fingers out and did their jobs! I am a backer of Good nurses and not tarring them all with the same brush as my mum is a nurse and several friends are too. But I was beginning to see where the bad name of NHS nurses came from. It’s such a shame that just one set of mistakes can cause such distress and it is unacceptable. I don’t mind going without food, dealing with an ever growing headache and the pain in my stomach but that poor girl was severely in pain and struggling to breathe for over an hour, yet a simple change of an oxygen tank and the removal of a drain made her come straight back to health. She soon perked up and she couldn’t believe how quickly she deteriorated and how she was ignored by the staff. Shocking!... I was still left without food and at lunch (1pm) I was handed a turkey dinner.... wuhoo... only thing is, it was a child’s sized portion with mash potato full of butter... so I, being lactose intolerant, couldn’t eat it.... JOY!... I wasn’t even offered an alternative. I had to remind the Nurse that I was supposed to have had my Antibiotics as well as my pain killers and that I was meant to have more bloods taken... I might as well have been at home.... So after getting to the point where I wanted to scream I spoke to the doctors and they allowed me to leave the hospital and go home in the promise that I’d return the next day for more tests... and to actually use the Weekday only Scan machine... I jumped at the chance. Still confused the nurse then said ‘we can’t let you take any pain killers home because we technically aren’t discharging you, but we can give you a prescription... but as it’s Sunday and 5pm so the only Pharmacy open is miles away in Mortimer’.... OK... are you serious! There was not a single 24hr pharmacy in Reading? Or even Berkshire? Seriously???... Ah well needs must! I just wanted to leave. We drove all the way out there and guess what?? THEY DIDN’T STOCK THE PAIN KILLERS I WAS PRESCIBED!!!!!! Brilliant! All that way for nothing!! What sort of Pharmacy doesn’t have Codeine!! Useless! We picked Kyd up from my uncles as he had been dropped off there by respite and we finally went home... I did the all important ‘catch up on the XFactor’ hour and then went to bed....

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