Saturday, 28 January 2012

Pregnancy Diary: 26th Nov - Pain, Panic and Pills

This particular Saturday started with a big grin and ended with, what felt like, a punch in the stomach.
I woke up to a brand new sparkly car sat in my drive and a silent house. Kyd was at his first double nighter at respite and we had been to the Venue for the wedding for a Curry and Comedy night the night before.... and I had had a great night’s sleep for a change, so Smiles all round! We decided to go for a drive in our new car and do some shopping. We had 2 different parties to go to that night neither of which I could drink at, and we were heading to a local football match to meet some friends as our beloved Reading FC were away at Ipswich and we weren’t going along. It was going to be a busy, busy day and night and to be quite honest I was feeling really rough! Tiredness, sickness all of which I just put down to the pregnancy hormones, shrugged them off and just got on with it... as you do. I watched the football and bit by bit got more and more tired. I had only a few hours until I was supposed to be glammed up and smiling happily at a bar with a vodka & coke, minus the vodka, in hand.... and I was falling asleep in the car. I was struggling and it was fully obvious to The Hoff so much so that he made the decision that he would drive to both parties and that I wouldn’t be going out for long, as I needed to rest and he wasn’t taking no for an answer. I didn’t even make an effort clothes wise which isn’t like me when it comes to parties... and *shock horror* I didn’t even put my eyelashes on. I just had no strength. I arrived at party no.1 and as we’d not eaten properly since lunch we had a few bits in the bar, and here is where the fun decided to start...

My belly started to hurt, I have IBS so this isn’t unusual, but as I normally ignore it I just got on with the conversation with the very dressed up and beautiful party folk. The landlord brought down her 5 day old baby and I oooooo’d and ahhhhh’d with the others but just couldn’t concentrate. My stomach seemed to be getting worse and the whole’ ignoring it’ thing was getting harder and I have a high pain threshold to say the least so this had to be bad. We said our goodbyes and we got in the car to go to party no.2. My stomach was so uncomfortable that I struggled to sit down in the car with the belt on. I lasted at the second party less than 45 minutes before I side stepped out of there and dragged Hoff with me. I just couldn’t cope it was like I’d been stabbed over and over and with a bigger knife each time. I had kept the ‘I’m OK’ face on for ages and the ‘Oh My F***ing God that hurts’ face was beginning to shine through. As I got in the car I just burst in to tears. Hoff had noticed that I was struggling but he hadn’t noticed just how much... what can I say my ‘I’m OK’ face is just that good! ... Within minutes of driving home I just couldn’t deal with the pain any longer and after googling ‘left side pain in the stomach whilst pregnant’ I decided A&E was the best place to go.
So at 10.30pm we arrived at A&E and it was.... uhhhh.... interesting! We actually looked normal compared to the others in there; they don’t half deal with some characters. We were seen quite quickly as they were worried it might be an Eptopic Pregnancy causing the pain... I mean this had crossed my mind in the car but I didn’t think that is was what they’d think it was. I was instantly taken to a nurse who took my blood pressure and asked me the usual questions. But here was where the never ending question of ‘Where’s the pain between 1 – 10? 1 being no pain, 5 being bad pain, 10 being excruciating pain ie. Giving birth’ at that moment my pain was like being stabbed but not quite, just about to give birth, contractions so I rated it about a 9...... Then a 10..... Then a 9.... Then they plugged my canuler in to some pain relief and it settled a bit. They took loads of blood and talked about hormone levels and if’s and but’s and what it could and couldn’t be... But the only way we could know was via an internal scan... But apparently at our local hospital the scan machines are a bit like office workers in Banks and can only be found 9 to 5, Monday to Friday.... brilliant! So if it was as serious as a further gone eptopic apparently I’d still have to just lay there and almost die until Monday at 9am and that’s if and when they could fit me in... WTF?? Surely they have mobile scan units? Surely they can’t expect patients to wait that long until they know what is wrong? What if it gets worse from Friday to Monday putting both mum and baby at risk?! I’m confused!
Anyway I was admitted into a ward at 3am after a lot of pain killers blood’s and obs, they still thought it could be a miscarriage or an eptopic but there wasn’t really much they could do. The Gynaecologist came round to check that the biopsy I had had on my cervix 2 weeks previously had closed and healed properly and that the neck of my womb was closed. Both were ok but he suggested antibiotics just in case there was an infection deeper inside. I was so pleased to hear that I hadn’t miscarried but that just left the dreaded Eptopic pregnancy and I’d have to wait until Monday to find out if that was the case... this was 3am Sunday... this is going to be a long wait. 

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