Sunday, 22 January 2012

Pregnancy Diary: 2010/2011 Where it all began...

We have, as a family, recently decided to try for another Baby... and after an 8 year gap and me being adamant I didn't want any more children due to Kyd’s downs and my commitment to him, i have decided to forget all that and just go for it... EEEEKKK... massive step!

Kyd  has 'Robertsonian Translocational Down Syndrome' a genetic form of the syndrome which makes no other difference to other Downs but the placing of the extra chromosome and meaning it has been passed on through either both or one parent. In this case it was passed on through my genes and we suspect stems from my father's side of the family. I have always said I didn't want any more children through well... pure fear I think. I have been so lucky with Kyd he is relatively healthy for a child with downs having no Heart or Lung problems and so I didn't want to jinx it by having another but now with all the new fangled tests and technology coming out of our ears it puts me at ease... well a little bit. I think that if I had had another child before now I would have not only struggled financially but mentally wouldn't have coped because I was so young. Not only that but I would have had less time for my beloved Kyd. I am now in a situation where I am in a loving relationship with an also quite mental (but lovely) man, Hoff, who dotes on Kyd  as much as I do and we now own a house (how very grown up), so we have a great foundation to start thinking about a lovely addition to our little family... To be fair it was that or another cat... We have 2 already (Dave & Syd) I was quite bluntly told 'No more cats!!' and have now been nick named the Crazy Cat Lady! The cheek of it!! It's quite a scary thought having a baby as it won't be easy, I have a 1 in 5 chance of having another Down syndrome baby (which as much as I love Kyd I wouldn't be able to cope with all that again) so we will have Tests, Tests, Tests!! Plus, the 'What If' worries and the usual ‘conceiving a baby’ traumas that every couple go through...... BUT I say... BRING IT ON!!

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