Saturday, 21 January 2012

BREAKING NEWS: We're having a baby!!!

OK so to some this isn't 'Breaking News' as they know already due to me having a big mouth and being useless at secrets, but for the rest of you.... TAAAA DAAAAAA I'm 13 weeks Pregnant!

What is BREAKING NEWS to all of you isssssss... It's a BOY!

Hoff and I are very relieved to announce this pregnancy as it's been a tough old journey to get to this point. we are a little overwhelmed as we've not been able to get excited until now because it was all a bit up in the air. We've now got 6 months to get our heads round the fact that this is actually happening and maybe work out how to make a bottle... I have no memory of Kyd at that age so this is as new to me as it is to him... scarily enough!

This here is a time line of baby Baillie-Hassall....

7wks - baked bean sized sprout... being a bean

8wks - broad bean sized sprout... being the best bean that he could be!

11wks - Sprout... sprouting limbs!

We've had 4 scans already... YES 4!! (first one there was no baby visible so we've got no pic to prove it) It's not quite been plain sailing this past few months with lot's of sickness and random issues occurring, along with all the genetic testing being done, let's just say it's been tiring. So I'm really sorry if I've been a little off, not attended an event, cancelled on you or simply disappeared without a trace recently.... but it was because I was struggling with problem after problem, test after test, sickness after sickness, looking after Kyd and keeping my mouth shut... fingers crossed the next 6 months are easier and I'm less bed ridden or hospital bound... I want to thank all that helped and especially Hoff who has been a saint over the past few months and kept me sane.

Just to let you know the tests all came back clear and my super human freak genetics played a blinder and stayed asleep... for those of you who don't understand that... I have a very rare translocation in my genes that causes all sorts of issues not just Down Syndrome but many other things too. Let's just say this baby has to be a fighter to have bypassed all the obstacles in it's way.... even to the point that he had a very high chance of not making it past the first few weeks but he did it... clever boy.... OH YEAH by the way... we know it's a BOY already as the tests we had done on his genetics have told us... nothing like a bit of planning ahead, easier to pick names now.

Kyd is very excited about his pending new Brother and he's looking forward to being the boss... I wonder how long the excitement will last when the crying doesn't go away? He also wants to call him Bruce apparently... This isn't going to happen!

So WELCOME to my body newly nicknamed 'Sprout' it's nice to be able to 'out' you to the public now as I think people were starting to think I was just getting fat. I hope you enjoy your stay... but not too much I want you out eventually... cuddles are in order!

KEEP READING: For the next few weeks I'll be getting you up to speed by posting from the Pregnancy Diary I've been keeping... some of it will be hard to read as it's been hard to deal with some of the decisions we've had to make along the way. I've been as honest as I can and some things do get quite controversial but I believe that to make decisions easier for others to make they need to read other peoples journeys... I couldn't find anyone else's and I just hope even one person finds my journey helpful. sometimes you just need to know you're not on your own and someone else has felt what you have too...

I don't expect you all to read it all by the way... I'm not that vain.

Love You All....


  1. Congratulations!!! And remember what ever decisions/ choices you've had to make they were yours and yours alone, so they were the right ones! xxx

  2. So very glad for you both Alice! Many congrats. Stella and Paul, XX

  3. Congratulations!

  4. Massive congrats!!! That's wonderful news! How exciting :))))))

  5. Huge congratulations. So pleased you've gone public, couldn't guarantee not blabbing by accident at some point! So pleased for you and Hoff and Kyd xxx

  6. oh wow huge congratulations!!!!

  7. First message of love on t'net for my little sprout - I've always loved sprouts btw. xxxxx Don't stay in your little cave as long as your mother did though, we want to see you asap xxxx

  8. That's such amazing news and I'm so pleased for you all. Yay!!! :-D xxx

  9. Ramblings OfASuburbanMummy23 January 2012 at 09:33

    Hurray, congratulations! So pleased that everything is good with you and baby! The sickness can be a killer but it's a sign of a healthy baby and it will hopefully be over soon

  10. Congratulations!! What fabulous news xxx


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