Monday, 5 December 2011

ONCE UPON A TIME... I wrote a story for Save The Children

This story was to be part of a book, a book made up of stories written by other Mummies and Daddies.
made up of Characters both goodies and baddies!

The book would raise money to help children far and wide,
to let those children know that we are all, right there, by their side.

I am so proud to be a part of such a great and lovely idea
and would like to make the next part ever so clear...

All the profit from this book goes straight to Save the Children
Non of the Mummies and Daddies have even slightly billed them.

We took time out in our busy and hectic day,
To write our little stories and shout out loud and say,

'We Care about children whether they're ours or not,
and we will do what we can to help the lot'

But now we need you to make this worth while,
Just click on the link, buy the book and just Smile!

as by buying this book for yourself or a loved one,
You've helped Save the Children and let their healthy lives live on.

From all of us Mummies and Daddies involved with this book,
We'd like to Thank You for both buying and taking a look.

Now could you promote it as much as you can,
without making it look like some dodgy spam.

To share the page hit the button below,
what are you waiting for? come on, lets GO!

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  1. Well done.! and well done to save the children.
    At i found a really nice initiative.
    You can buy a Suite in a 5 stars hotel in Milan by reducing the price of it and choosing when to buy. I got it a 235 instead of 500 Euro.
    Additionally all the amount paid goes to Save the Children.
    Really smart! I just do not understand why Save the Children is to pushing these kind of initiatives..
    I found it on google but no trace in Save the Children website. Why???


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