Monday, 3 October 2011

A very last minute 'Make it yourself' birthday party!

Kyd turned 9 this week... but he's been really ill. He was miserable, he missed his friends at school and all the fun stuff they were doing that week, like fancy dress Friday and a sponsored bounce (on a bouncy castle). He had good days and bad and this 'Yo Yo virus', as I've nicknamed it, has effected us all. One day we were bed bound, the next we were fine and that repeated for the whole week! It became very annoying and reluctantly I decided that we were going to have to pass on the party we were going to have this weekend.... Luckily we began to feel a little better and were fine for our day out at the family football festival yesterday and we woke up fine again today... result!

So as we are having this freak Autumnal heatwave we decided to make the most of it and go ahead with his birthday party.... But we would keep it small so not to tire him and be back at square one. Only thing is... we had none of his school friends phone numbers so we stuck to a few friends who I knew were nearby and free.

So what is a 'Make it yourself!' party.... Well it's a lazy and cheap way to entertain the children and feed them all at the same time!!... Here is how we did it.

We cleared a space in our living room ie we moved the sofa.

We brought his toys... the non noisy ones... downstairs.

We moved the dining table outside in the sun.

We went to the shop... we bought Pizza Bases (one each), Tomato purée paste, grated cheese (& LactoFree cheese for the dairy free... ie me!), and a variety of toppings for the pizza.

We also bought... Coloured Ready Roll Icing, icing sugar and sprinkles. You also need ready made fairy cakes/cupcakes although we didn't have to buy ours as Goldfish made our cupcakes the night before.

When home.... prep your ingredients so they have a choice of pizza toppings, put them in bowls... (also prep the ready roll icing into small cubes so that it's easier for them to use... but don't put them out yet)...

Lay out the pizza bases on the table...


After they've created their culinary masterpiece, simply put them in the oven and then send them off to play with the toys that are already downstairs!

...and Ta Da you have the entertainment and the party food!

After they've eaten their pizza get the cupcakes and icing out and let them create their own icing creation. Get them to use their imagination... you do one too to show them the way... and because it's fun!

You can use this as a competition, if you have any spare packets of sweets to win, just simply judge the best creations

Then take some photo's of their masterpiece's

...and Ta Da you have more entertainment and pudding!...

So that's my 'Make It Yourself!' birthday party!.... So simple and easy to do with a various amount of children from large numbers to small and of all ages! AND so cheap! No hall hire, No kids entertainer to pay, no running raged doing all those games and no fussy party food!... Just simply sit back, and relax... although time the eating of the cupcake creations not long before they're due to go home as the coloured icing tends to make them Fly!... just a friendly warning!


  1. This is a great idea - we went to a party just like this and the children loved it. Great blog post.

  2. Thank You. We had so much fun and it was so easy... I'm hoping I get away with doing it next year too! LOL


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