Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My SEN toy Nightmare!!!

Kyd has Down Syndrome.
He is 9.
He likes Sports... a lot but he also likes Ben 10, Hannah Montana, in fact all Disney programmes and films.
He likes computer games and lego, wrestling and swords just like all other 9 year old boys.
He isn't that far behind mentally but he struggles with understanding most regular toys for his age.
He is too old for toys that are suitable for his needs and finds them patronising and dull so doesn't play with them.
The ones he wants to play with he just doesn't understand, so can't!
He hates that he can't play with them and gets annoyed.
This has been his life for 9 years.

When asked 'what does Kyd want for his birthday/Christmas?', I literally draw a blank! But when asked what does he like, I have a list as long as my arm... When he receives a present based on something he likes... 9/10 he can't play with it so it gets opened, he attempts to play with it, until frustration kicks in and then pushed aside until a later date... that or it's not even opened at all. He has every musical instrument in the Early Learning Centre, every pack of flash cards, every wooden special needs toy, cuddly toy and every book going... all the presents that are typical special needs toys... lovely as they are, they just don't stimulate him any more.

He just wants toys that his peers will play with that aren't 'babyish' and make him different. AND I know that there are many other frustrated parents, friends and family members who will be in the same boat!....

Sooooooo I've decided to make it easy for, not only my family but others too. I aim to get a list of toys together by the Christmas shopping period (November) and by going on what Kyd could do and not do at each age, I will list suggestions for pressies! I know that these will not be suitable for all children and that each of our children develop at different stages, so like I said, This is just a list of 'suggestions'... But I promise I will try and cater for everyone. If you have any specific disabilities you want me to try and find toys for, just leave a message below and I will search for some items that suit!... I promise I will try!

(All Items that will be listed on my SEN Christmas Toy post that we receive from the companies named in the post, will be donated to The West Berkshire Down Syndrome Group... Kyd's local Downs Charity, I try and work with them as much as possible and give back what they do for me)


  1. Brilliant idea - and I love that you're donating The West Berks Down Syndrome Group. A Sue Ryder Young Person of the Year award winner if ever I saw one...

  2. Oh don't remind me! that's next week!! I have received loads today already so the WBDSG will be so pleased! every little helps!


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