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Kyd's Charity SEN Christmas Cool list!

So Kyd has had few weeks of exciting deliveries after our SEN Toy Nightmare post. So many lovely companies and PR folk sending their toys to see if they meet the Kyd mark of approval! He hasn't been able to open them though as we are giving them away to his Downs group (West Berkshire Down Syndrome Group) so we have been working out what's cool and what's not... and what will be simple enough for him to use without it being too simple it's patronising to his age bracket. We are also deciding what age they are appropriate for SEN wise on the back of what would've been for Kyd at those ages.

JUST TO ADD These might not be appropriate for your child at the age I have suggested, this is because our children all develop in different ways and at their own pace. I hope to showcase just a few products that aren't boring or patronising for children with disabilities but with all the extra aspects that they as SEN children need!

So lets get going... here is Kyds list... I tried to do them in order so it ranges in age that I think is a true match for SEN and a mark from Kyd from 1-10 for each toy! 

Tumblekins Fire Station
Age: 2+ Kyd Score: 3/10
The Tumblekins station is a little too young for Kyd so he wasn't that interested... BUT this is a fantastic toy and if he had been a few years younger I think he'd have loved it. This is a Chunky Wooden Toy and s perfect for small motor skills The Characters roll along and tumble about causing giggles galore with younger children. I think It's perfect!
Price: £30.29 Where To Buy: Click Here

Schliech Horses
Age: 2+ Kyd Score: 5/10
Each of the animals created by Schliech are anatomically correct and with exquisite attention to detail.
I loved that each horse we received was different and I know that a few years ago Kyd would have loved these and I'd have used them for both speech and Language practice and matching word to object practice. Kyd loves them anyway but got bored... he's to old I think.
Price: £5 and under Where To Buy: Click Here

Just Dance Kids Wii (release date: 4th Nov)
Age: 3+ Kyd Score: 10/10
By now you will all know the Just Dance brand and most will have a copy of one of the earlier games in the house... Kyd has, and he loves them. He does struggle to follow most of them though as his coordination isn't the best. BUT this is Just Dance Kids... it has everything from, Justin Beiber to The Lion King to Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes to Blur... It is for kids of all ages from 3+ and I think this actually includes SEN children! The Wii has developed Kyd's hand eye coordination from 0-almost age perfect and I think games like this promote allsorts of prospects for SEN children... including exercise. WE LOVE IT!
Age: from early movement Kyd Score: 10/10
Price: £23.99 Where To Buy: Click Here

Bubble Buster
Age: 3+ Kyd Score: 9/10
This is fantstic family fun... if your family are like mine and you like stupid games... Develop your speed and coordination with this fun, competitive game which will keep you and your friends and family entertained for hours. You basiucly pop 20 balloons in the quickest time and the wand counts them! Comes with a bubble machine... which is a bonus on it's own! Kyd almost opened it... I almost let him... Then I thought about the fundraising it could make... Guilt set in!
Price: £11.99 Where To Buy: Click Here

Disney Jungle Junction, Hippobus & Beatle Bugs Playset:
Age: 4+ - Kyd Score: 5/10 (Spud Score: 10/10 she loved it)
The Hippobus Playset from Flair, comes with working sounds from different working parts of the toy. It also has a colour coding aspect to the Bugs and the Bus. This toy can help with creative play and reactive play. Involving a regular popular kids TV show, brings an aspect of age appropriate play for a pre school/early school age.
Price: £19.99 - Where To Buy: Click Here

Age: 4+ Kyd Score: 10/10
OMG is all I can say this looks fab! I want a go! This could benefit kids with weak muscle tone develop their strength with this fun and silly game! Pump up the funny man the quickest to win.... this could be a great drunken game for adults too... Kyd has put this on his list too! So I will have to give it a go on Christmas Day!

Price: £19.99 Where To Buy: Click Here

My World: My Body
Age: 4+ Kyd Score: 10/10
I LOVE THIS! We have been trying to find a simple way to explain how the body works to Kyd for ages! This puzzle compliments the national curriculum and teaches about the body and how it works, as well as enhancing general skills such as concentration, imagination, communication and Hand Eye coordination. It even has a handy slot to help them tidy the pieces away... always a good thing in my book. We love it... and Kyd got to keep a copy of the game too... so he loves it.
Price: £9.99 Where To Buy: Your nearest John Lewis or for more retailers Click Here

My World: Heads & Tails Jobs
Age: 4+ Kyd Score: 8/10
Developed in conjunction with child psychologist Dr Amanda Gummer and includes additional hints and tips for extending play with several Educational Values such as Vocabulary, Phonics, Creativity/Imagination, Logic this is a great game to get your kids thinking about who does what and learning all at the same time. Kyd loved this game and he he actually didn't know most of them which shocked me... We will be playing this again that's for sure!
Price: Unknown Where To Buy: John Lewis or for more Click Here

Happy Hopperz
Age: 12mth+ Kyd Score: 10/10
Happy Hopperz are ace! they are like space hoppers but with a difference. They come in all shapes and sizes, colours and animals. They help with Balance, hand eye co-ordination, confidence, imagination and you can play together using it. It can strengthen Core Muscles and co-ordination skills whilst they love the fun colours and animals. We love these although Kyd is slightly too big for these now I believe that they would have been in our Toy Room in an instant if he was a smaller version of him! You'll love them!
Price: From £20 Where to Buy: Click here

Crayola Colour Mix
Age: Pre School+ Kyd Score: 7/10
The new Crayola Mix-a-Roo game from University Games teaches children about mixing primary, secondary and tinted colours – without any mess! Players turn over cards to find out which secondary or tinted colour they need to create. They then dial the correct combination of colours into the cleverly constructed Colour Mix-a-Roo wheel and open the revealer door to see what colour they have created.  Magic!
Price: £9.99 Where to Buy: Click Here

The Gruffalo Magnetic Adventures 
Age: 4+ Kyd Score: 9/10
All the fun of The Gruffalo in a Magnetic play set. Featuring all the characters from the much-loved story of The Gruffalo Stimulates creativity and imagination. No adult supervision needed & as there is no reading required it is perfect for SEN children. A perfect stocking filler! We love it!
Price: £7.89 Where to Buy: Click here

Plasticine Activity Bucket from Flair
Age: 4+ (supervision needed) - Kyd Score: 10/10
Plasticine is the classic modeling compound that never dries out - it can be used again and again and again.... PERFECT! This creates creative and imaginative play as well as colour matching and hand eye coordination. It contains 13 bumper sticks of Plasticine plus 4 fun moulds/cutters. Kyd loves Plasticine he gave this the biggest thumbs up... I had to buy him some because he couldn't open this one!... Torture!
Price: £9.99 Where To Buy: Click here

Pokemon Twister Ball
Age: 7+ Kyd Score: 7/10
Pokemon Twister Ball from Banndai, was a little fiddley but great for Pokemon lovers. Launch into action with Pokémon twister figures! Pull the cord to release the spinning Pokémon from within!. He likes these ecause his friends have them but he gets distracted easily...
Price: £9.99 Where To Buy: Click Here

Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters and Hamster Fun House Deluxe Playset, 
Age: 7+ - Kyd Score: 8/10
Interactive realistic toy Hamsters. Artificially intelligent hamsters that talk and move around their habitat. These high quality plush pets look great and loved to be hugged. Lots of Playsets to collect so you can create your own world... All the fun of a pet hamster without the mess or the smell! I love these, Kyd thinks they're ace as his friends have them... he said the packaging is a bit girly though!
Price: from £9.99 - Where To Buy: All good toy shops or Click Here

Fuzzoodles Fluffy Friends
Age: 7+- Kyd Score: 8/10
Fuzzoodles are fun furry noodles that you can twist to create fun characters. You can make oodles and oodles of combinations as you twist, bend and build your fuzzoodle into different shapes. Bring them to life with interchangeable toy pieces ie googly eyes etc. The best thing is they can be reshaped over and over and over! Kyd loved the look of these as he loves to make things... I liked them more though :smileyface: There are loads of different types of packs of Fuzzoodles but this one is very funky!
Price: £14.99 Where To Buy: Click Here
Mookie Mini Street Cruz 2 
Age: 5+ Kyd Score: 9/10
Kids will love this super stylish scooter! Features a stylish and elegant design with a unique pivot system for fun and easy steering from left to right. Also features robust, durable PVC wheels. Kyd loves scooters but couldn't quite balance enough for a long time. This scooter has 2 wheels at the front so Balance is helped by this making it easier for SEN children.Price: from £39.99 Where to Buy: Click Here

HM Armed Forces, Construction set,
Age: 7+ Kyd Score:7/10
A quite simple army toy, appealing to Kyd as his Uncle is in the RAF so military is a big thing to him at the moment.  It doesn't have many small parts so it is perfect for less able fingers but it is quite a simple toy and I can see him getting bored quite quickly as his imagination isn't too great.
Price: £9.99 Where To Buy: Click Here

BIG Power Hand
Age: 8+ Kyd Score: 10/10
OMG this was so fantastic he was pleading with me for one for Christmas!! The Big Power Hand, is an oversized, real working hand! at more than double the size of a normal hand boys will love showing this off to their friends by flexing their fingers and actually picking things up! It is controlled by the childs fingers from a glove attached... It is pretty impressive to be honest1 I want a go... This is firmly on the Christmas MUST HAVE list! It's Cool and Simple WINNER!
Price: £29.99 Where To Buy: Click Here

Geomag 44 Piece Set and Geomag 20 Piece Sports Car
Age: 8-9+ - Kyd Score: 7/10
Geomag from Flair, is a magnetic construction system with magnetic rods, panals and chrome spheres. They even do Glow in the dark pieces which amused Kyd when I told him. The Car set would be a little too difficult for Kyd to do by himself but I think it would be a perfect bonding building session with The Hoff. I actually think he would only just be able to play with this around his age now. It's a bit fiddley but very good for his hand eye and creativity.
Price: from £9.99 Where To Buy: Click Here

Wild Science- Hyperlauncher Rocket Ball Kit
Age: 11+ Kyd Score: 5/10 (it was 9/10 until I told him he wasn't old enough)
This Kit makes Science Fun... You can make Super Bouncy Balls and launch them into space with the Hyperlauncher kit. It teaches about the science behind acceleration... Kyd loved the look of this but he was too young for the normal age range 10+ so he was defo too young for the SEN age. Shame really I wanted to play!..perfect for older kids but supervision may be advised!
Price: £12.99 Where To Buy: Click Here

Age: All Ages Kyd Score: 10/10
Explore the calendar with this simple and timeless design. Circa is a wooden educational toy calendar that encourages parent-child interaction and is designed to help children understand the cycles of the calendar. "When can I go swimming again? When is Tuesday? Am I going to school today?... We get these questions A LOT so this calender was a god send! WE LOVE IT! (It has solved my Kyd vs Calender Issues so I give it 10/10 too)
Price: tbc Where to Buy: Click Here for More Info

So this is what Kyd found cool this Christmas... I hope you found it helpful. There were others but I had to stop him mid flow due to over crowding! Lol... All the toys above have been donated to the West Berkshire Down Syndrome Group. Kyd was so gracious about giving them away after them spending a few weeks in the house. I was quite shocked by this, but he was excited about giving them to his friends that he was happy for them to go!... It made my heart break to see him doing this, he knows they will appreciate them so much more. I hope they have fun with them.

So after the toys had been sent to the charity, I asked Kyd to do his Christmas list via the Argos Catalogue... which is the way I used to do it... and here is what he came up with... with a few added extras that appeared on adverts during the search...
Kyd's Ultimate Wish List this Christmas which he thinks are cool and so is desperate for.... (taken from his Santa list)

Vtech InnoTab
Mountain Bike
Super Mario Brothers Wii
ipad 2
Foo Fighter Tickets
Wrestling Tickets
Disneyland Paris Trip
& Dinner with Hannah Montana.... but only if they have Burger and Chips.... (they don't have a link for this funnily enough)

He doesn't want much does he.... :rollseyes:... I better get a Lottery ticket!

Happy Christmas Shopping Period Folks!!... 

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