Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween Special: #3 - Oreo Spooky Spiders!

So Halloween Special #3 was the only one done on Halloween itself... We were sent a Spooky Spider Pack by Oreo including their new Halloween Snack Packs and we were very good and didn't eat it when we got the package... it was very tempting!... and we are very proud of ourselves!

So today is Halloween, we spent a short while after school deciding what to be for trick or treating, he came up with.... :drum roooooollllllllllll please:.... a Zombie Jedward.... the child gets weirder as he grows.... Anyway after the face paint and the make shift Jedward outfit We set upon our next challenge, making the...

Spooky Mini Oreo Spiders

1x 25g pack Halloween Mini Oreos (approx 7 in each bag)
7 Black liquorice bootlaces (each cut into 4 equal sized pieces)
1 tube of pre-prepared White Chocolate flavoured icing (2 dots per spider)

Using kitchen scissors, cut the liquorice bootlace into 8 legs
Insert the liquorice into either side of each mini Oreo, 
Using the ready prepared decorating icing, pipe 2 small dots for eyes on each Mini Oreo!

That is it.... So quick and easy and so effective!... We gave them out at the door to the trick or treaters and then to the neighbours when we went trick or treating ourselves.... They were all very impressed that we'd reversed the trick or treat and taken them treats... What can I say... We like to be different! For more Ideas and recipes using Oreos check out their website here....

Soooooo TA DA here we have our lovely little spiders!... and the not so lovely looking Kyd!

These Special Halloween packs are available nationwide NOW with an RRP of £1.59 for a 6 x 25g snack pack. The Mini Oreo Halloween Snack Packs will also include a coupon offering 40p off a future purchase of Mini Oreo 150g snack packs (valid until 31/03/12)

Get making new recipes using yummy Oreo's and share them below... so I can steal them & make them myself! :cheekyface:

I was not paid by Oreo for writing this post but I did receive their product to use and keep in return for my honest review of the product. All the content from this post is written in my own words (apart from the quote from their website) Click here for more information on my disclosure policy.


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