Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween Special: #2 - A trip to London Dungeons

Soooo #2 of the Halloween Special brings us to the spooky London Dungeon... We were lucky enough to be given Pre Booked Tickets to the Dungeon by Superbreak. is the internet division of Superbreak Mini Holidays Limited, the market leader in the provision of UK and European short breaks. Superbreak has been established for over 25 years.
From day one, Superbreak has specialised in providing short breaks within the UK and we have subsequently become the clear market leader. Today over 1.5 million customers enjoy their short breaks which include theatre breaks, theme park and attraction breaks and luxury breaks too, whether it's to visit London with the family or a romantic night in one of the London Hotels. They have also expanded to offer customers a wide choice of city and beach breaks overseas, airport hotels and extras, which are proving increasingly popular. With over 5,000 hotels, ranging from 2 star to 5 star, customers are certain to find the ideal hotel for their short break, whether you're booking months or hours in advance.

Another thing customers can be certain of finding with Superbreak is the highest possible levels of service. It is a commitment that sets them apart from many other operators, a fact acknowledged by the UK travel trade who have awarded them "Best Operator" every year for the past twenty years! Indeed they are now the preferred UK short break supplier for the top eight UK retail travel agency groups.

With their efforts focussed firmly on delivering ever higher levels of customer satisfaction, guaranteed quality and value for money, they are confident of providing short break holidays to an ever wider customer base.

I was very pleased to have Pre Booked tickets as the queue was phenomenal! Definitely worth doing for future reference. We weren't allowed to take pictures when in there, but we did have some pro pics done during it... they were so good they've been an instant hit on my Facebook, provoking so much laughter that people are sharing them left, right and centre. (I also sneaked a few of my #W?W's in so if you found them let me know). It was so much fun and the pics above and below show that. Kyd loved being scared, he is such a boy when it comes to these things and it has now been put down in the 'Kyd book of likes', as The Best Thing To Do On Halloween!! I however would not recommend it for children who are scared easily or that do not like the dark! There are a lot of parts that are in pitch black and it is quite scary most of the way through... Hoff was petrified... but he's a massive wimp!... The ride at the end isn't suitable for people under 1.2m and there would've been tears if Kyd had been a few inches smaller... luckily he was just over the height and as you can see below it was a 'thrill' ALOL.

This must be the best picture of Kyd EVER! It is still making me giggle now! FYI he was wetting himself laughing straight after this was taken so please don't report me for child cruelty! HE LOVED IT!

All In All we loved our Halloween weekend and we will be taking a look at Superbreaks holiday for our next trip out and about... or maybe I can persuade the Hoff to whisk me away on a romantic weekend somewhere for Christmas... :winkwinknudgenudge:

I was not paid by Superbreaks for writing this post but I did receive their product to use and keep in return for my honest review of the product. All the content from this post is written in my own words (apart from the quote from their website) Click here for more information on my disclosure policy.

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