Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween Special: #1 - Wicked Day

 What a WICKED day... No pun intended...

We had the pleasure of a little trip to London this weekend for a Halloween Double whammy, Wicked Day & The London Dungeons. Both separate events but both added to the best Halloween we have ever had!

Here is Halloween #1.... What we got up to at Wicked Day...

We recently got the chance to go and see Wicked the Musical in preparation for the Wicked Day event... It was amazing! It definitely is a must see... (click the link for our Review).

We arrived at the London Film Museum on the South Bank and we were confronted by a HUGE queue of people most in fancy dress... and quite a few of them green! It was lovely to see but Kyd DOES NOT DO QUEUES very well at all! But the lovely staff allowed us to queue jump past all the stage school beauty's and Wicked Families. So thank you to the Museum Staff for that! Life savers!

We were greeted by a goody bag and the lovely people from the Woodland Trust. Kyd loves a bit of craft so when he saw the glue and feathers he got stuck in to the Woodland Trust crafts table. Wicked Day is a free event in aid of charities, The Woodland Trust being one of them. They were collecting throughout the event for the planting of new trees at the Heartwood Forest. There are several events which you can get involved in click here for more info. They also have a Nature Detectives Club if your kids are out doorsy types check this out they will love it! (perfect Christmas pressie).

We then had our face's painted... Because we are big kids Myself and My cousin Nana had our's done too! We haven't had a day out together in ages and when we were younger this was the sort of thing we loved to do so I invited her along for the ride... We looked awesome! I was Glynda- Fyed she was a pretty Elphaba butterfly... Kyd was the TIN MAN... he's an odd kid lol... Hoff was being boring and wouldn't have it done! We did look fab don't you think??

During the queue for the face painting we were entertained by a lovely Young Magician. James Wilson, an international magician who is part of the Young Magicians Club (UK Magic Circle) & Society of Young Magicians (US). He was fantastic! He had us all baffled with his card tricks and he even made a sitting balloon dog for Kyd! He was fascinated at the whole thing... Magic may have a new fan! He was very good for someone so young, and that impressed me the most, no wonder he was Runner Up in this years Young Magician of the Year! Hoff thinks this was the best part of the event... You cheered up a grumpy old man James thank you!!

We had our photos taken in the main hall and we were lucky enough to catch a few of the live performances from the cast who had given up their only day off to come and meet their fans! They were very good I must admit.

The singing and the dancing continued throughout the afternoon and not just from the Cast... the crowd of what I can only imagine were 'Stage school students' were going mental! They new every word to every song it was bonkers... but quite nice to see. They also had a Wicked themed Karaoke in which I saw children younger than Kyd getting up in front of  the crowd and singing their little hearts out! They were fantastic and very brave! Witches hats off to them all!

There was a queue longer than the girls toilets at a gig, for the Autograph signing and this gave me a heart failure! Kyd was so excited about getting to meet them but there was no way he could stand in that. So I spoke to a member of staff and this is where the magic really happened....The staff working at the event let Kyd go behind the signing table and get all the signatures and have a chat with the stars of the stage! They were so good to him it made me tear up... Other places we'd have had to leave and he'd have missed out. I would like to thank those who made him feel so lucky to have had the VIP treatment and for the cast for each saying his name and making him feel so special!

He got a little tired after being there for 2 1/2 hours and he was desperate for some grub so we had to leave a little early. The event was on 12-4 so we didn't do too badly! There was just so much to see.

We missed the Monkey workshop though Damn it!! I love those bloody monkeys! even if they do scare me a little! :sadface: But we did have a brilliant time!

The whole Wicked experience excited Kyd as he is a very music and dance sort of boy, but most boys would probably get a little bored (Hoff did) as it is all very girly or Stage school like. If you have a very Boyey Boy... then this event was defo not for them! There was a basket ball hoop and some games... but that took up all of 2 mins of the afternoon... Defo a Mummy Daughter bonding day!

All in All it was a fantastic Day and I am really grateful to all who were involved and made it so magical... We will defo be there next year! 
See You there...


  1. Liked the Mummy Daughter bonding day idea. ? next year - may save Hoff!

  2. Oh and cousin bonding day! xxx


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