Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Happy Birthday Kyd...

SO this time 9 years ago I was oblivious to any of what was about to happen & was just happy to be holding my beautiful baby in my arms... little did I know 24hrs later I'd be thrown into a world of hurt & confusion ... but that was then... this is now... and he is fit & healthy(ish) and we are living life to the full, with new doors opening for us each day! I owe him everything for just making my life mean something... so here is to him... may he be happy and carry on living life to his advantage... here's a dvd I've made for him... enjoy! Xxx

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Sunday, 25 September 2011

A Big Thank You...

We celebrated our Engagement with a party last night. We saw old and new friends come to join us at The Prince Of Wales, Caversham, to celebrate the joining together of....

...Yeah OK it was just an excuse to get Very Very DRUNKEN!!! We will be holding several of these in several locations and milking it as far as we can, until everyone we know is suffering from liver failure! Because I like to drag things out.

With Thanks to all that made it to either the pub or the AfterDark club and all the staff at both venues ESPECIALLY Miss Sarah Giles who set up all the food and balloons etc because she's a star... to all of you that couldn't come let us know when you are free and, like I said, we can rearrange a different night so you don't feel too guilty! :cheekygrin:

I'd love to show you all the effort and all the hard work that went into it BUT as we were so drunk, we seemed to have ALL forget to take photos... All of us, god knows how many guests we had there and we all forgot... sign of a great night me thinks!!... Well I think I posed for 1... but I am unsure, if you took any let me know! lol. I am a bit sad about this as I put so much effort into my bloody outfit and we have no documentation of it ever happening... other than our hangovers... Good excuse to do it all again though ay???

Right so as we have no pictures this is a photo run down of our night in OLD photos... some people in these photos may not have been there last night.... or they might have been for all I can remember... Enjoy!

From This....

To This....

To This... To This...
FYI this is not me!!... I don't think....
 Then To This...

So there you go... This is the story of our Engagement party in photos from past events.... Hope you've enjoyed them...

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Sue Ryder Women of achievement Award? Me?.... SHUT UP!!!!

So I have some sneaky friends!!!... Or should I say Friend!!! Miss Stacey Fraiser, or Goldfish as I've referred to her as in past posts... She has only gone and blimming nominated me in the Young Achiever section of the Sue Ryder, Women Of Achievement Awards 2011!... And I've only been shortlisted to be part of the final 3!!!...

Stacey Herself!!!!! (she'll kill me for this bahahaha)
I am completely baffled and gob smacked by this, as I certainly don't feel worthy of such a title... But this has added to my already mad few weeks and I am very grateful for such a lovely compliment. I have a very big support network for each part of my very different and hectic life, and I am fully grateful for that. I wouldn't be where I am now without the support of my mad friends and family. I am fully aware of this and would like to thank them all for all the work they do behind the scenes of all my apparent achievements.

I really don't feel like I have done anything to deserve this and I am a little embarrassed too if I'm honest, I'm not very good at being told 'you've done really well' & as I know so many others who deserve this more than me I feel a bit like a fraud... Including Stacey herself actually although she'll disagree, she was a teen mum like me from quite a similar background as me & she endured a bit of a stressful start to parenthood... just like me. She has had to deal with her health problems, which have all of a sudden become her life, yet she still has time to deal with mine and Kyds madness... Thank You Miss Fraiser you mad hatter you!... I still might hurt you a little for this.

Enough of the Soppy stuff...
So to find out if I have actually won the Young Achiever award we have to attend a Glitzy Black Tie Ball!!... wearing full on ball gowns and everything!.... EEEEEK I am going to have to go Ball Gown shopping... what a pity :excitedface:
We also get a 3 course dinner, goody bags and to watch the entertainment in style.... I feel like a celeb... well ok maybe just a rich business woman or high society IT girl!!... I know it's over the top I don't think I am quite a Hollyoaks girl but I do slightly want to look like them!! I will be getting all glammed up and walking in like I'm on the red carpet as this will more than likely be the only time i'm going to get to an event such as this!... Make the most of it Baillie!!

If you want to join me & clap the winner on when I lose, you can....

The awards will be presented at a prestigious and inspirational awards ceremony on Thursday 13th October at The Hilton Hotel, Reading.
If you would like to buy tickets for this event they are £60 each or £550 for a table of 10. This includes complimentary drinks reception, three course dinner, great entertainment and a goody-bag to take away.

To Book your Tickets click here
Hope to see some of you there supporting the charity.

A bit about Sue Ryder, which you no doubt have heard of but here is what they do..... 
(taken from their website so I'm accurate) 

We're a national charity providing health and social care services in local communities.  
What do we offer local communities every year?
  • 4 million hours of care
  • Over 100,000 days of long-term residential care
  • More than 8,000 volunteers
  • One of the largest specialist palliative care providers in the UK
We provide compassionate care services to people with long-term and end of life needs. We do this in hospices, residential care centres, in the community and in people's homes. And we support families, friends and carers.
We're committed to improving standards in long-term and end of life care and have ongoing programme of innovation and research:
  • our partnership with the University of Nottingham increases knowledge across the whole sector
  • we have piloted leading hospice-at-home services and holistic care management programmes for people with complex physical and psychological needs
  • we recently received government recognition for improving end of life care for people with long-term conditions
  • we are part of an international health and social care partnership with fifty projects across 12 countries in Europe and southern Africa
Our health and social care services are supported by our retail, fundraising and volunteering teams

Lets just say  these people are more worthy of an award than little old me! Hats off to all that give up their time for this fantastic organisation!!
... And thank you for picking me out of all the entries to be in the running for this amazing award.

See you on the day!