Monday, 22 August 2011

A Date With TILDA, at the Waitrose Cookery School, London

WE WON!!! A simple question from, North London Mums on Twitter saw Myself and Kyd win a fantastic, Tilda Mummy & Me Cookery School place, at the Waitrose Cookery School in London! How fantastic is that! I saw a tweet asking what our fave quick midweek meal was so I replied... Our fave is Cod Fillet, pesto and (weirdly) boiled rice... or spiced/seasoned rice... We later got a reply saying YOU'VE WON!!!.... Yay!!

So here's what we won!...
A master Class with Jo Pratt, of BBC Good Food fame! She is on the TILDA mummy Panel and WE got to cook her recipes with her too!... and we even got to eat it after!... and we got to keep our Aprons! lol

We had a bit of a twist to this comp prize, as I had a phone call earlier that week asking if I could bring a friend along as they had a spare place.... as I happened to be with a friend and her son (I'll call them Goldfish and Son) at the time of the phone call, I thought it'd be rude if I picked someone else, so invited them along.... they were so excited!... apart from the fact Goldfish hates London... other than that... she was excited! So on Saturday we navigated ourselves to Finchley Rd tube station without any hiccups or injuries... We were slightly early mind... *cough cough* an hour *cough*... But...

This Saturday, Kyd, Myself & Golfish & Son, learnt to cook... Special Fried Rice & Chocolate and Banana Rice Pudding :bigsmiles:

As I said, We arrived a bit early and so we pottered around Finchley rd and then decided to work our way up the stairs to the beautiful Kitchens of the Waitrose Cookery School.  We were greeted by the lovely PR people and a few friendly mummy faces! I started chatting to the ladies and their kids and started to discuss Blogging and... as if like magic... at the word CyberMummy I heard this voice say 'cybermummy??' It was fellow Blogger Pippa From A Mothers Ramblings, who had also attended CyberMummy11... She's like a Mummy Blogging Superstar! I was slightly humbled by her presence and we had a good little chat over pudding making lol she's lovely, it was great to meet you Pippa!... Anyway when everyone had arrived we got taken into a little room and it was fab! we were introduced to Tilda the Brand and the qualities of eating Rice by a member of the Tilda team and then we were introduced to Jo Pratt... I just want to add 'What A Lovely Woman!!' she was brilliant with the kids and was fantastic with Kyd's random mutterings and interruptions... She was just lovely!... She talked us through what she does (she's a Chef... & a Mum) and she explained what we were doing...

We had some fantastic kids in that room they were all so cooperative, alert and interested in food!... Kyd seemed to develop some sort of over confidence... Joke He is always like that! Cocky little bugger!... He answered all the questions and was ever so in love with Jo.... slight crush we think! We then went out and cooked a lovely... Special Fried Rice... So quick, healthy and easy! A pack of Tilda Steamed Egg Fried Rice and some chicken, veg, honey and Soy sauce and TA DA.... Believe me it's Yummmmmmmy we all had a separate kitchen and all ate what we made after!... We even took some home for the Hoff! Isn't he lucky ay!!

We went back in to the the studio room for Jo to teach us how to cook Pudding!!... PUDDDDIIINNNG!!... Our fave word! They'd even got mini goldfish some LactoFree Milk so us LactoFree folk can eat it too! Skills!... So So Simple Chocolate & Banana Rice Pudding.... A pack of  Plain Tilda Steamed Basmati rice some milk, a little bit of sugar, a banana and a few squares of plain chocolate... AND YOU HAVE THE BEST & QUICKEST PUDDING EVER!! So creamy and chocolatey... Yet HEALTHY surely that can't be?? It's fantastic even with LactoFree milk! Something we can ALL eat instead of me having to have a separate pudding! We had so much fun cooking it too!

All in All we had such a fantastic day! We all left stuffed and with some brilliant new skills and facts that we can use from now on... To Be Honest we've had some Special Fried Rice this lunch time as we were so eager to make it again!... We even wore the Aprons we had on the day!... We got to keep them along with some sachets of different flavoured Steamed Rice... Which Hoff has stolen some of for his lunch at work!... Cheek of it!

Thank You TILDA! & Thank You North London Mums what a fantastic prize!!

Some info on Tilda...
Tilda was the first company to bring Basmati rice to the western world over 30 years ago and is now selling in over 40 countries. They select their beautiful and fragrant Basmati from over 10,000 indipendant farmers who they are on one on one basis with. They don't actually own their own Rice Farms as they believe they get better rice from the original Indian farmers in which they pay fairly, they to this day stick to the Fair Pay for Basmati Farmers and intend to continue doing this forever more. Tilda only buys the finest pure Basmati and never compromises on Quality... Their brilliant Steamed Basmati Sachets bring this all in a quick and easy way and comes in so many flavours!

That's enough of that! We all know who TILDA are! If you don't where the hell have you been?? Do you not do a weekly shop? or Have you not stepped foot in a supermarket? They are THE best rice brand in my eyes and were even before I went along to the cooking class! It is a regular part of our weekly shop and our weekly meals!... not to mention one of Kyd's favourites!

Basically We Love TILDA!... The End!!

We were not paid for that last bit I just wanted to share some of their hard work with you guys... Is that such a crime? lol


  1. Yay! So pleased that you had such a great time. We were very sad not to be able to go ourselves but sounds like you and Kyd had a fab time. Thanks for telling us about it.

  2. Great blog Alice. Glad u an Kydd had such great time. For the record hav always used Tilda rice! A long looooooooong time!!!

  3. Great to hear you had a great time. It was lovely to meet you and your gorgeous son. Jo x


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