Monday, 18 July 2011

Very Proud to be a Royal... Whatever the colour?!

Kyd is an avid Royals (Reading Football Club) fan and He loves his club... He has a shirt with every number on for every year of his life so far, from 2-8... the number depends on the age he is turning that season... so this seasons will be 9... you may notice that 1 is missing, this is because UncleD bought that one and it was a Leeds Utd kit... but that isn't a secret Kyd is proud of his roots! (Yorkshire born)... He loves his shirts so much that he can be seen regularly, trying to fit into his tiny age 4, 5 and 6 shirts that obviously aren't going to fit!! He is regularly seen sporting his RFC shirts old and new and if you took a look into his wardrobe you'd think he was a Member of the squad. To be fair he might as well be sponsored by Waitrose himself!! He is good advertising to be fair he loves his food and he's basically wearing their billboard on a daily basis already so we're hear Waitrose when you want us! lol

He has a few signed shirts and one very special signed shirt that naughty mummy hasn't had framed yet... He had Messi... yes THE Lionel Messi... sign his shirt! It wasn't even a real Barca shirt, I bought it in Turkey to annoy the plastic Man Utd fans around the pool after they lost quite dramatically not long before that... But when he was in England friends of ours were doing the Dry Cleaning for his club during a tournament and being huge members of Kyd's fan base, they took his fake shirt and had the lovely Messi sign it for him!! How amazing is that... Well for any footy fan reading this, it's amazing, for everyone else it's a scribble on a shirt which you'd be told off for washing by thousands of people!... Will be worth a few ££ in the future though :) not that I'm allowed to sell it...

Right, so the point of this Blog Post was.... 


IT'S RED for a start!!  We are a BLUE AND WHITE team and our Rivals play in RED!!! WTF was Reading FC thinking?? I know we have to have a different colour for our away kit but Red?? Last year they had a Black shirt, quite smart, but with Red shorts which I only just accepted... but that was just a teaser for the monstrosity that is this kit! We are not Sw**don (we look upon this as a swear word in our house), Man Utd, Liverfool, or even Arsenal... We now look like them in this hideous replica of trash and this is going to cause confusion amongst Kyd and his love of Reading FC... All the 8 years of Kyd's life we have told him Red is bad! and that we hate Red shirted clubs apart from ones with 3 lions on... I mean he has to like England we are very patriotic... But of course we were  mainly focusing on Man Utd, we have taught him that Red shirted teams are dirty... to the point of which, when he sees one he loudly shouts 'EUUUGGGGHHHHH' causing quite awkward stares from the people wearing the shirts... but lots of laughs from me and everyone else (Bad Parenting awards can be sent to...) 

So, after already renewing our season tickets, and being regular away game goers, we can't escape this bad decision so I am trying to embrace it before the season starts... in this pic Kyd is sporting the rather bright and wrongly chosen by officials, away kit, bought today accompanied by Mr Matthew Bargent, for just £17, due to using megastore Season Ticket Holder vouchers. I wouldn't waste the £48 they wanted on it as it hurts my eyes. I bought this kit to both let Kyd get used to the change and for Sports day... as he's in the Red team and his England kit doesn't fit him any more... We will be wearing it to training and to sports day itself this week... Let's hope I have stopped heaving every time I see it by then...

Annoyingly Kyd quite likes it... we have had the 'this doesn't change anything we taught you...' chat and he now understands that this is just like England and after kissing his badge a few times he has got used to it. He is just a Royal through and through... although Loyalalty is tested at these times... Nah don't be silly He's just too Loyal to turn on the Royals... Now we are ready for the challenge of pointing out what teams what on the pitch at the first away game...

FYI Reading FC... 
Stop confusing matters with bad colour choices and maybe stick to a shirt for more than 1 season... I'm skint and I'm pretty sure so are most of the country, so maybe a bit less money grabbing and a little more understanding of the economic climate your fans find themselves in right now!!!
A Vast Majority of Reading FC Fans...


  1. He has already got kethchup on the shirt. somehow on the white collar!!!

  2. Could not agree more! A RED Royals kit? Scandalous! Hope you and he are all good xxx

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