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REVIEW: Mr Popper's Penguins... Release Date: August 5th

We were so pleased to be offered tickets to 'Mr Popper's Penguins' by a contact at ThinkJam, as we are both Penguin lovers and Jim Carey fans in this house... So for the second weekend in a row we made our way to Leicester Square, London, for another Film Prem... I could get used to this... This was an earlier start than the last though and I'm not a morning person so I had a bit of a Caffeine intake moment at the station and began to feel a little more alive... amazing stuff that Caffeine!... we were taking a friends son with us this time, Mini Troli, age 12, wasn't told until he got to us, about why he was being ripped out of his bed at 6am on a Saturday... I handed him the tickets in an envelope and he opened with confusion. As I smiled and explained it was the Prem he got all excited and we were ready to go.
It was just too early for the Boys!!
We jumped in the queue outside The Empire, after a little wonder around, and we were greeted by a huge camera and a man telling us to cheer... :worriedface: I'm not that vain... Well ok a little bit vain... but at that time of the morning, ie 9.30am, I was not in the mood to be filmed or photographed by cameras that were so good they'd pick up my huge eye bags and my bad skin!! :sadface:.... but I sort of just put my head down and made Kyd wave!.. lol great distraction technique!!... Anyway we made our way in and were greeted by the most beautiful entrance to a cinema ever all done up with balloons and penguins... then more cameras... Breakfast... Pictures... Face Paint... Badge Making... Balloon modelling... and Celebs... which we didn't see due to being in the Badge making screen... typical! lol... All in all, a brilliant array of entertainment, a little on the grander scale than last weeks Smurfs Movie but all sorts of fun was had at both... Kyd and Mini Troli were so excited by this point!

Soooo the Story Line....
It starts with Tom Popper who grew up having little interaction with his father, who was off exploring the world and sending souvenirs from all his destinations. He starts with having Radio contact with Tom Snr. and goes on to get less and less... quite heart warming opening really I was quite intrigued... When he grows up, he spends most of time on his work and ignores his children and wife causing them to separate and have alternate weekend access to the kids. One day his father sends him an unusual gift a penguin and when trying to return them, after a few funny Penguin related accidents, the miscommunication with his fathers foreign contacts caused him to be sent 5 more... and as you can tell this brought many further issues. Popper can't help but wonder why his father would send him penguins and after misplacing the letter, only finds out nearer the end what was behind it. He tries to get rid of them and finds himself arguing with New York Zoo. But when his Kids and ex-wife show up to celebrate his son's birthday, the kids are taken with the penguins naming them Loudy (the reallllly loud one), Lovey (who loves to cuddle), Bitey (who bites), Stinky (who farts), Captain (the original one) and Nimrod (the clumsy one).... they were so cute too all with different personalities and humorous qualities... Hoff said I'm not allowed one :sadface:... And Mr Popper finally gets to connect with his kids and with heart warming scenes of bonding with both the kids and the Penguins it was quite nice to watch.... But his work begins to suffer and he loses his job. The struggle with the Zoo carries on but after 3 of the penguins produce eggs and one fails to hatch... which was so cute and really sad all at the same time... He decides they would be better off in the Zoo. He seems to fail his children by making this decision and after a struggle and a few amusing scenes they recover the penguins and he gets his job back too... All of which created a very happy ending!


Mark Waters

RANDOM FACT: Real penguins were used for certain shots and most of the scenes took place in a refrigerated set... just thought I'd add that in as I was amused!!

So what did we think??

ME: Well to start with a positive... I think the penguins were cute and very funny and I loved the humour behind the mischief. But I don't think it was Jim Carey's best film... although he did make the film gel together. The fact it was a winter story line with a summer release date was a bit weird too.... I didn't get that... but the best part of the film was the struggles to get them back at the end and the heart warming moments with Carey and the penguin egg not hatching... the story lines in the background with his work and his aim to get his wife back were a bit over shadowing of the point of the whole film and got a bit confusing... almost like adding too much ingrediants to the mix all at once!... The story line with the pengins and work would've been enough.... Although Poppers PA, Pippi, was positively prim and proper and practically perfect at promptly putting Popper's penguins in places penguins probably should be. Pippi practically uses every P word in the dictionary which to be fair was my favourite part of the film as it was fascinating how they had written it in just 'P' words lol good work writers!

I have been told this was a book set in the 1930's... I had no idea... and that if you have read it and are a fan of the book... steer clear of the film as they've changed a lot and you won't like it. I believe I'd send families with children aged 4+ to see this... but as the family in front of us found half way through... it's a bit much for a younger child as it's 94mins long and it's just too complicated for them to keep up with the storyline. I know Hoff would agree with me when I say, I wouldn't encourage adults to watch it without children... but I reckon Kids will love it!!... Kyd and Mini Troli did... heres what they thought!...

Kyd and Mini Troli: When asked what was their best bit? Just like all boys they said 'the bit where he was hitting himself in the face... oh and the poo... the poo was funny' lol... but They both liked it when captain learnt to fly... you have to watch the film to understand that... but it was pretty cool. They said that it was funny and that Carey had a weird face... I then realised Kyd hadn't really seen any other Carey films even though I thought he had :shockedface:... this will be fixed! we will have to have a Carey marathon!... Mini Troli on the other hand had seen a few of his films and he said that 'The Mask' was still his fave... Good Choice!! They said that the penguins were cool and that they were good pets... I looked at Hoff... It was still a NO!... boo hiss!!... But they agreed that penguins should be in the wild as that is where they are happiest... Quite sensible really!... Over all they Both loved the film and would happily go and see it again with their friends but they did say it reminded them of a Christmas Film... Maybe it should've been released in November??


It's a must see for families with kids over 4 and when it comes out on DVD it will be a regular in the annual Baihoff Christmas movie marathon... Just don't watch it if you've read and like the book... But I haven't... so it's all good!!

Mr Popper's Penguins: Out August 5th
Click Here to watch the trailer...


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