Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Past.... a memory jogger from a friend!

 So after reading my post Only Special People are Granted Special Babies... a friend of mine (Gemma Parker) rooted through old photo's in order to jog my memories... after putting them on facebook and shocking me... even though I knew they were going up... I thought I'd share one on here...

I still don't remember this at all but I know that Gemma had Katie not long after I had Kyd and that is who the other baby is... and that Tara (the other girl in the pic) has not changed at all!! Cow!!

So 8 years on (well 7 in this pic) and we are 2 different people living a very different life! Kyd is huge and less cabbage patch doll like and, well, I am old!! I can't believe how young I was! I don't even recognise myself in that pic... sad really as 8 years isn't that long ago really. Let's just hope I age gracefully and this old pic doesn't embarrass Kyd when he's 18!!

Thank you Gemma you have really helped... and embarrassed me!! lol


  1. I remember you turning up at mine with a tank top barely covering your belly and such stinky feet you had to spray them down outside with the hose:P

    I thought I would help with the embarrassment.


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