Sunday, 24 July 2011

REVIEW: Mr Popper's Penguins... Release Date: August 5th

We were so pleased to be offered tickets to 'Mr Popper's Penguins' by a contact at ThinkJam, as we are both Penguin lovers and Jim Carey fans in this house... So for the second weekend in a row we made our way to Leicester Square, London, for another Film Prem... I could get used to this... This was an earlier start than the last though and I'm not a morning person so I had a bit of a Caffeine intake moment at the station and began to feel a little more alive... amazing stuff that Caffeine!... we were taking a friends son with us this time, Mini Troli, age 12, wasn't told until he got to us, about why he was being ripped out of his bed at 6am on a Saturday... I handed him the tickets in an envelope and he opened with confusion. As I smiled and explained it was the Prem he got all excited and we were ready to go.
It was just too early for the Boys!!
We jumped in the queue outside The Empire, after a little wonder around, and we were greeted by a huge camera and a man telling us to cheer... :worriedface: I'm not that vain... Well ok a little bit vain... but at that time of the morning, ie 9.30am, I was not in the mood to be filmed or photographed by cameras that were so good they'd pick up my huge eye bags and my bad skin!! :sadface:.... but I sort of just put my head down and made Kyd wave!.. lol great distraction technique!!... Anyway we made our way in and were greeted by the most beautiful entrance to a cinema ever all done up with balloons and penguins... then more cameras... Breakfast... Pictures... Face Paint... Badge Making... Balloon modelling... and Celebs... which we didn't see due to being in the Badge making screen... typical! lol... All in all, a brilliant array of entertainment, a little on the grander scale than last weeks Smurfs Movie but all sorts of fun was had at both... Kyd and Mini Troli were so excited by this point!

Soooo the Story Line....
It starts with Tom Popper who grew up having little interaction with his father, who was off exploring the world and sending souvenirs from all his destinations. He starts with having Radio contact with Tom Snr. and goes on to get less and less... quite heart warming opening really I was quite intrigued... When he grows up, he spends most of time on his work and ignores his children and wife causing them to separate and have alternate weekend access to the kids. One day his father sends him an unusual gift a penguin and when trying to return them, after a few funny Penguin related accidents, the miscommunication with his fathers foreign contacts caused him to be sent 5 more... and as you can tell this brought many further issues. Popper can't help but wonder why his father would send him penguins and after misplacing the letter, only finds out nearer the end what was behind it. He tries to get rid of them and finds himself arguing with New York Zoo. But when his Kids and ex-wife show up to celebrate his son's birthday, the kids are taken with the penguins naming them Loudy (the reallllly loud one), Lovey (who loves to cuddle), Bitey (who bites), Stinky (who farts), Captain (the original one) and Nimrod (the clumsy one).... they were so cute too all with different personalities and humorous qualities... Hoff said I'm not allowed one :sadface:... And Mr Popper finally gets to connect with his kids and with heart warming scenes of bonding with both the kids and the Penguins it was quite nice to watch.... But his work begins to suffer and he loses his job. The struggle with the Zoo carries on but after 3 of the penguins produce eggs and one fails to hatch... which was so cute and really sad all at the same time... He decides they would be better off in the Zoo. He seems to fail his children by making this decision and after a struggle and a few amusing scenes they recover the penguins and he gets his job back too... All of which created a very happy ending!


Mark Waters

RANDOM FACT: Real penguins were used for certain shots and most of the scenes took place in a refrigerated set... just thought I'd add that in as I was amused!!

So what did we think??

ME: Well to start with a positive... I think the penguins were cute and very funny and I loved the humour behind the mischief. But I don't think it was Jim Carey's best film... although he did make the film gel together. The fact it was a winter story line with a summer release date was a bit weird too.... I didn't get that... but the best part of the film was the struggles to get them back at the end and the heart warming moments with Carey and the penguin egg not hatching... the story lines in the background with his work and his aim to get his wife back were a bit over shadowing of the point of the whole film and got a bit confusing... almost like adding too much ingrediants to the mix all at once!... The story line with the pengins and work would've been enough.... Although Poppers PA, Pippi, was positively prim and proper and practically perfect at promptly putting Popper's penguins in places penguins probably should be. Pippi practically uses every P word in the dictionary which to be fair was my favourite part of the film as it was fascinating how they had written it in just 'P' words lol good work writers!

I have been told this was a book set in the 1930's... I had no idea... and that if you have read it and are a fan of the book... steer clear of the film as they've changed a lot and you won't like it. I believe I'd send families with children aged 4+ to see this... but as the family in front of us found half way through... it's a bit much for a younger child as it's 94mins long and it's just too complicated for them to keep up with the storyline. I know Hoff would agree with me when I say, I wouldn't encourage adults to watch it without children... but I reckon Kids will love it!!... Kyd and Mini Troli did... heres what they thought!...

Kyd and Mini Troli: When asked what was their best bit? Just like all boys they said 'the bit where he was hitting himself in the face... oh and the poo... the poo was funny' lol... but They both liked it when captain learnt to fly... you have to watch the film to understand that... but it was pretty cool. They said that it was funny and that Carey had a weird face... I then realised Kyd hadn't really seen any other Carey films even though I thought he had :shockedface:... this will be fixed! we will have to have a Carey marathon!... Mini Troli on the other hand had seen a few of his films and he said that 'The Mask' was still his fave... Good Choice!! They said that the penguins were cool and that they were good pets... I looked at Hoff... It was still a NO!... boo hiss!!... But they agreed that penguins should be in the wild as that is where they are happiest... Quite sensible really!... Over all they Both loved the film and would happily go and see it again with their friends but they did say it reminded them of a Christmas Film... Maybe it should've been released in November??


It's a must see for families with kids over 4 and when it comes out on DVD it will be a regular in the annual Baihoff Christmas movie marathon... Just don't watch it if you've read and like the book... But I haven't... so it's all good!!

Mr Popper's Penguins: Out August 5th
Click Here to watch the trailer...

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Is there such a thing as Playground Bullying in the ADULT world??

I have this little niggling feeling inside me, that is eating away at me and sending me a little mad & I reckon it's because it needs to be blogged and released (which, after all, is what this Blog Therapy is about)... but would it make it worse if I did??... Ahhh sod it here we go...

You see I have never been 'Cool' and I have never been a 'Loyal Follower' of one particular person or group (minus Footy) I have never had just one group of friends or had just one best friend... I have never really wanted to be in the 'cool' gang... I have always done my own thing! Picked my own friends and liked what I wanted to like... But if I am honest, I have been pressured into things in the past due to 'peer pressure'... I mean as a teen who wasn't just that little bit?... But as an adult is it just weakness? should we know our own self well enough in our adulthood, to avoid peer pressure or feeling like a bullied child?

But is Peer Pressure really still there in Adulthood? or is it YOUR OWN need to be liked and to fit in to the current crowd, that causes you to bow down to the wishes of others? Is it YOUR decision to be a sheep and do things even when you actually don't fully want too?... Or is it, like I said, just pure weakness in your personality?...

To Define Playground Bullying...
The classical definition of a playground bully describes a person who is a socially inadequate outsider, but more recent studies reveal them to be clever and cunning manipulators, who have an above-average ability to see what makes others tick and who use this ability to gain control over others and torment them. They become adept at tuning in the apprehensions and fears upon which to play. They find buttons and push them. When they can make someone respond to them in predictable fashion, they believe that they "own" that person. Remember another aspect of the playground bully. They reign supreme when the other "normal" kids on the playground not only turn a cold shoulder to the bully's victims, but even join in the taunting (for fear they will be the bully's next victim).

Sound familiar?... This doesn't just happen at school... It happens at work, in families, amongst friends or in every day situations like the dreaded School Gate!... Aren't mum cliques awful!!!... Actually just Cliques in general are just god damn annoying!!

If I am pretty damn honest, I have issues with both me and others wanting to fit in and trying too hard... I have lost friends in other groups through them or me 'changing' to fit in to a particular group or scene So I refuse to do it now!!... I have become outcasted by groups for having an opinion... I have been outcasted for not having time for certain groups... I am not great at keeping contact, organising things or sticking to dates and times and I often don't hear my phone calls or read my texts...*cough cough* I'm a mum it's not always that easy!! *cough* This causing people to get offended and picking arguments and.... I have also lost friends through being just simple old me... I have cried over it... got angry over it... panicked about it... and lost sleep over what to do about it...

But is it (or they) worth crying and stressing over??

No, to be honest If a person, or persons, make you feel like you are not worthy of their friendship... what makes them worthy of yours?? If you have to change who you are to fit in to a group... is it worth being in that group?? If you shed tears over the thoughts and actions of other people, What makes what they are doing so right that you are reduced to this?? I don't think it's jealousy as such but I do think envy is involved...

I know when I was younger I used to get so irritated by adults trying to tell me that exact same thing, but as an adult *if you can call me an adult* I am now finally seeing the meaning behind it. Focusing on the friend aspect... I've had days where I have felt like the whole world is against me because of one small comment and that has left me feeling like I have no real friends as, if so and so think this, everyone must... It left me questioning if most of them would have even spoken to me without Kyd being around? Or me being in a certain place? I have times where I look at my 1000+ facebook friends and think which of you would REALLY be there if I needed you?...
I have times also though of overwhelming love for all the people in my life that make me smile without that unique way of making me cry at the same time.
 Not all your friends have to agree with you all the time... I know this!... but we do know there has to be some sort of mutual ground, give n take... no tug of war needed. My Life may be a little bit mad for some... and that is fine... My life may be a little boring for some... that is also fine... But if you feel this way about anyone maybe think a little... is making that person feel inadequate because they don't fit in, really that necessary? People are different that is life... I would say 'Maybe it is you with the problem?' but that would be me making you feel inadequate and that would be completely against my whole point of this post!

Maybe take a step back and realise the difference of the people around you... I completely admit I am awful at judging at face value but after judging, I always give people time to prove me wrong... They 99% of the time, do just that... This is why I know so many people. I know not everyone wants to know the amount of people I seem to... and believe me it's loads... and I know most wouldn't give half of my friends and acquaintances the time of day due to them being 'different' to their normal type of person/friend... It is a natural fact you can't be friends with everyone but to be made to feel small in order to be friends with people is like being in the playground all over again...

It's the small comments... That awkward feeling you get when you don't know what to say... trying to break the silence and getting a shrug or a dirty look... The events that everyone is invited to... but you!... The times where you laugh even though you have no idea what they're going on about.... and then they pull you up on it to make you feel small... The private jokes and the secret meet ups... The niggling feeling that they are judging your every move... the fact you don't dress the same or listen to the same music... The initial fear when you know the whole 'Clique' will be at one particular place and you can't avoid going... So what if you like different things... so you can't be like them... Or even friends with them... Do you really care?? WHY??

Have You Not Seen The Breakfast Club???

I have friends from all circles of life... They are lovers of all different types of music... and as much as I am quite stubborn in what I listen to, I don't judge... much... (if I make comments of poor music taste it's in jest)... I have friends who support the worst footy teams on earth... :) lol... but I still class them as friends. I have friends who I don't speak to for months and then TADA we meet up and it's like nothings changed. I have friends that I have hardly ever met, that treat me with more respect than some I see regularly and I have friends who are there only when we need each other, for anything, big or small, yet we don't really speak in between... I have friends who understand my situation and do not put pressure on me to commit...

annnnnnd.... I have friends that make me feel like s**t!! For those few people who do just that I still class them as friends why?... because I have more of an understanding about how irritating I can be, than they think... and as much as right now, they are killing me slowly inside, they have been there in some of the worst places and situations I have been in throughout my life... & I miss them all individually.

I know that this is just a blog... and this isn't going to change the world or stop the huge amount of all the actual bullying going on or the ever growing feelings of peer pressure in children and adults.... But if it does hit home to one or more people (including myself)... that life's too short to feel like you aren't good enough for someone, something or a somewhere... Set your sights higher and remember Who and What you have already... Would your whole life be over without that particular thing, those particular people or going to that particular place... as I'd say to my mates 'MAN UP' and laugh it off... You are better off without all the hassle.


Annnnnd FAO all those who may struggle with me as a person This is how I work...

My brain works overtime, all the time, I think too much and this also seems to break me quite often. I am Ill a lot and Kyd is too... he takes up a lot of my time... and although I know a lot of people and have a lot to do... I do have my priorities... this makes me quite busy when I do have time off or when I actually have some £money£... I have no more spare money than most and I rely on things being free or if the event is budgeted on the Hoffs spreadsheet... he's a massive geek!... But this spreadsheet means that if we have the spare ££ then I'm all set to party... To get me at an event... you need to first book me in and make sure I write it in my Diary and secondly remind me over and over... To get me to reply to anything you need to attack me on all angles ie. Text, Call, FB & Twitter as I often only check one not the other (FYI: do not leave me answer phone messages... I never check them). Don't get offended if its weeks or months before I get in touch with you... It is Guarenteed that I have been FB stalking you and I know everything you have done, every place you have been and every person you've met... the power of FB is brilliant. Also please don't feel the need to not invite me out and don't get put off by all the 'I can't's or 'I'm skint's too much... I may surprise you at some point and say 'yes!!'... It's just nice to be asked sometimes. I go through a lot inside that :shockhorror: I don't Blog, Facebook or Tweet about! So don't think you can second guess the reasons I am steering clear, being quiet or just plain ignorant... Maybe just ask me what is really going on... what's the worst that can happen??

This is me... This is My Life... Don't like it... Sod off... As I don't care!!
Glad to clear that up...

Monday, 18 July 2011

Very Proud to be a Royal... Whatever the colour?!

Kyd is an avid Royals (Reading Football Club) fan and He loves his club... He has a shirt with every number on for every year of his life so far, from 2-8... the number depends on the age he is turning that season... so this seasons will be 9... you may notice that 1 is missing, this is because UncleD bought that one and it was a Leeds Utd kit... but that isn't a secret Kyd is proud of his roots! (Yorkshire born)... He loves his shirts so much that he can be seen regularly, trying to fit into his tiny age 4, 5 and 6 shirts that obviously aren't going to fit!! He is regularly seen sporting his RFC shirts old and new and if you took a look into his wardrobe you'd think he was a Member of the squad. To be fair he might as well be sponsored by Waitrose himself!! He is good advertising to be fair he loves his food and he's basically wearing their billboard on a daily basis already so we're hear Waitrose when you want us! lol

He has a few signed shirts and one very special signed shirt that naughty mummy hasn't had framed yet... He had Messi... yes THE Lionel Messi... sign his shirt! It wasn't even a real Barca shirt, I bought it in Turkey to annoy the plastic Man Utd fans around the pool after they lost quite dramatically not long before that... But when he was in England friends of ours were doing the Dry Cleaning for his club during a tournament and being huge members of Kyd's fan base, they took his fake shirt and had the lovely Messi sign it for him!! How amazing is that... Well for any footy fan reading this, it's amazing, for everyone else it's a scribble on a shirt which you'd be told off for washing by thousands of people!... Will be worth a few ££ in the future though :) not that I'm allowed to sell it...

Right, so the point of this Blog Post was.... 


IT'S RED for a start!!  We are a BLUE AND WHITE team and our Rivals play in RED!!! WTF was Reading FC thinking?? I know we have to have a different colour for our away kit but Red?? Last year they had a Black shirt, quite smart, but with Red shorts which I only just accepted... but that was just a teaser for the monstrosity that is this kit! We are not Sw**don (we look upon this as a swear word in our house), Man Utd, Liverfool, or even Arsenal... We now look like them in this hideous replica of trash and this is going to cause confusion amongst Kyd and his love of Reading FC... All the 8 years of Kyd's life we have told him Red is bad! and that we hate Red shirted clubs apart from ones with 3 lions on... I mean he has to like England we are very patriotic... But of course we were  mainly focusing on Man Utd, we have taught him that Red shirted teams are dirty... to the point of which, when he sees one he loudly shouts 'EUUUGGGGHHHHH' causing quite awkward stares from the people wearing the shirts... but lots of laughs from me and everyone else (Bad Parenting awards can be sent to...) 

So, after already renewing our season tickets, and being regular away game goers, we can't escape this bad decision so I am trying to embrace it before the season starts... in this pic Kyd is sporting the rather bright and wrongly chosen by officials, away kit, bought today accompanied by Mr Matthew Bargent, for just £17, due to using megastore Season Ticket Holder vouchers. I wouldn't waste the £48 they wanted on it as it hurts my eyes. I bought this kit to both let Kyd get used to the change and for Sports day... as he's in the Red team and his England kit doesn't fit him any more... We will be wearing it to training and to sports day itself this week... Let's hope I have stopped heaving every time I see it by then...

Annoyingly Kyd quite likes it... we have had the 'this doesn't change anything we taught you...' chat and he now understands that this is just like England and after kissing his badge a few times he has got used to it. He is just a Royal through and through... although Loyalalty is tested at these times... Nah don't be silly He's just too Loyal to turn on the Royals... Now we are ready for the challenge of pointing out what teams what on the pitch at the first away game...

FYI Reading FC... 
Stop confusing matters with bad colour choices and maybe stick to a shirt for more than 1 season... I'm skint and I'm pretty sure so are most of the country, so maybe a bit less money grabbing and a little more understanding of the economic climate your fans find themselves in right now!!!
A Vast Majority of Reading FC Fans...

Sunday, 10 July 2011

OH MY DAYS... How did you do that to yourself??

This afternoons silence... well when I say silence I mean My Chemical Romance on full blast whilst we pampered ourselves getting dressed and ready to go out, we were bored Hoff's gallivanting on some tiny bike ride :cheekyface:... see previous post... but silence sounds so much more poetic anyway so I went with it... anyhow it was slightly disturbed by a wimper coming from Kyd's bedroom. As I opened the door he was stark bollock naked and his eyes were watering... What's up? He said sobbing 'I've owwwwie' Where's your owwwwie hunny... I just assumed it was his belly as it has been awful with this new meds routine... He pointed down... what? I said confused...

Then I saw it.... Right there... in front of me... Blood!!

I am not usually squeamish but this blood... was coming from a very squeamishy type of place... HIS WINKY... pee pee, willy, weenie, pecker, pinky, ding dong... whatever you want to call it... It was bleeding!!

I instantly panicked OMG how on earth has he done that?? What the hell was I supposed to do he wouldn't let me near enough to figure out where the hell it was coming from.... I actually thought he'd chopped it off or something!!... I am not over dramatic in any way... at all... OK maybe just a little... But I actually thought it was going to be an A & E trip on the cards... Alas it wasn't and as I handed him the babywipes... because I had no idea what else to give him... I realised 1, it was still there and 2, the cut wasn't too bad...

Now how the hell did he do it?? I'm still not sure but it involved a Sunglasses case and the fact that he had no pants on... That's all I understood and to be quite honest I didn't want to ask any more questions... also I had tried soooooo hard not to laugh after my initial panic had disappeared it was just bursting out of me and making all of my insides ache from the sniggering... I had to leave the room 'to get something to put on it'... OMG I was almost dieing that poor lil man (kyd not... you know) How embarrassing!! I got my act together and went to console him.

It looked quite nasty and it was then that the laughing turned to panic... again... and I thought I may have to call someone as I had no Idea how to fix this... You can't put a plaster on it now can you?.... well I did question it but I knew it was a no lol... Blonde Thought!... anyway I tried my mum but she's on Holiday... But she's like my non stop first aid stop a bit like my very own NHS direct... but she was nowhere to be found... So I thought I have no idea what to do... do I treat it like a trapped finger? or what? Can you even put peas on it? or would this make it worse? OMG I need a man! Only a man would know what to do with that!

But then I had a thought... Who would have been through this that isn't on a Charity Bike Ride or a man and could help?.... Another Mummy that's who!!!

Ta Daaaaa Miss Gatto tooooooo the rescue!! Once she stopped laughing, this mummy of 2, almost grown up, boys announced that most little boys get it caught at least once but only ever get it caught that once... for obvious reasons!! And that I should get something cold near it to stop the swelling and to keep an eye on if he goes to the toilet... Great advice! see all it takes is someone that's been there to help. Although getting something cold anywhere near Rhys is never easy and in that region would be near impossible... Then my mum rings as if like magic... and says a long, cold bath will be fine...

And here ends the lesson... Boys get it caught in stuff when naked... just don't let them be naked... and if they insist on it... keep the snap shut sunglasses case away from it!

I'm not looking forward to his teenage years... :worriedface:

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Past.... a memory jogger from a friend!

 So after reading my post Only Special People are Granted Special Babies... a friend of mine (Gemma Parker) rooted through old photo's in order to jog my memories... after putting them on facebook and shocking me... even though I knew they were going up... I thought I'd share one on here...

I still don't remember this at all but I know that Gemma had Katie not long after I had Kyd and that is who the other baby is... and that Tara (the other girl in the pic) has not changed at all!! Cow!!

So 8 years on (well 7 in this pic) and we are 2 different people living a very different life! Kyd is huge and less cabbage patch doll like and, well, I am old!! I can't believe how young I was! I don't even recognise myself in that pic... sad really as 8 years isn't that long ago really. Let's just hope I age gracefully and this old pic doesn't embarrass Kyd when he's 18!!

Thank you Gemma you have really helped... and embarrassed me!! lol