Thursday, 30 June 2011

Katie Price... a bit like Marmite!

I have just watched a Documentary on Katie Price's son Harvey. Standing up for Harvey, on Sky, was about trying to show solidarity for her son and entice an apology from Frankie Boyle, a self described shock tactic comedian, who disgustingly joked about Harvey in a sketch he did on Channel 4... Just like he did about Down Syndrome in my local venue, The Hexagon, Reading. After I heard about Boyle's out burst at a parent in the audience in Reading, I became more and more annoyed by him. He was described in this Documentary as a school yard bully... I see him as exactly that! His 'shock tactic' comedy style, I admit I used to find funny, has now stepped over a huge line... He now disgusts me. If he had apologised to the people involved and also Harvey and Katie Price then maybe he would find himself being called a C##T less and less!

Katie Price may irritate you all on a daily basis and may dominate the media... But at home she is a mum to a disabled child just like me and many others out there. Many who criticise her parenting are generally not parents themselves or are parents of children without any problems! If you would like to argue with someone about how difficult life can be with a disabled child both physically and mentally I will kindly step in and offer my Ranting mouth for the pleasure of knocking you all back down to the real world.

I am in no way accepting or making excuses for her behaviour as a person... But as a parent She deals with more than anyone realises! And hats off to her family for helping her with her children you can see the love they all have for Harvey and his Health, his inspires many... don't criticise it.


The Best Comedy is based on TRUE RESEARCHED FACTS and if you don't research your subjects you just come across like a C##T


  1. Well said, i agree i think she is overlooked as a parent due to all the other media interest in her.

  2. Completely agree. How she lives her life is her business, and as she said, she's big enough to take the remarks and can defend herself....but there is no need for the disgusting and vulgar "joke" he made!! Hate KP all you like, but don't go picking on a defenceless child! Especially a disabled one.

  3. I couldnt agree with you more Alice!!! I like you have a son with Downs Syndrome. He is a man now. aged 26. I also have a 19 year old son with Autism & severe learning difficulties. It also makes me angry when I hear people criticise katie Price.I admire her for choosing to look after Harvey herself, with help from her family. It is a choice for her! For unlike most of us with a disabled child, her finances are not a problem. xxx

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