Sunday, 22 May 2011

Introducing My Spud...

So this Friday I had the pleasure of babysitting my lovely God daughter, Spud, aged 2, and for A WHOLE DAY!.... Spud is also formally known as Gwyneth/Gwyn. I have called her Spud since she was born because Mummy & Daddy Spud couldn't decide on a name for her for a stupid amount of time!!... anyone would think they'd had 9 months to prepare one... or not! :rollseyes:... But it sort of stuck and now she knows that her name is Princess Spud of the Royal county of Berkshire!!

So baring in mind Kid is nearing 9 and I have little memory of him as a toddler... This was going to be... how can I put it... Interesting!! I have had Spud for a few hours here and there with great success but this was going to be an epic 9-3 sesh and, I'm not going to lie, I was so excited that I was terrified!
Spuddy arrived and with a quick departure of Daddy Spud she began to cry... uh oh I thought, now what... I bribed her... obvious response to a crying toddler. I simply looked at her and said 'trampoline?' with that she gave a big smile and a nod... phew that was an easy escape I've heard stories of her crying for hours from Mummy Spud and I then became quite proud of myself. This is a piece of cake... or so I thought.
OK so at this point I remembered that the attention span of a toddler is some what short to say the least. After a mere 2 minutes on the trampoline she was bored... this worried me now what? DORA!!! Brilliant idea... I hate it but she was glued. I managed to get a few bit's done which was a surprise. She then again got bored of that and reverted back to the trampoline... then to the tele... then back on the trampoline... before getting bored of that and just staring at me as if to say 'sooooooo now what?'. This is when I began to panic a little. I took her upstairs to Kid's play room... This amused her for a minute and she began to stare at me again... fickle these toddlers ay!! I found Kid's colouring box and she smiled from ear to ear.
We began to draw and I found some animal masks that Kid had received from the children's festival that weekend... I put one on and she wet herself laughing 'Alice Elephant' she kept saying... I love it when she laughs but a girl could get a complex being called an elephant over and over!... so I proceeded to run around like a tit (only way I can describe my behaviour to be honest). We coloured them in and we became Spuddyphant and Aliphant running around like mad men. As before, she laughed then just stared at me like 'I'm bored of that now, crazy woman'. How do I please her Royal self when she is so fickle!! Right I know Town... 'No!' she says. Brilliant. Now what..... Do you like chicken nuggets Spuddy? 'YUMMMMMMM nuggets' I took that as a yes! I had resorted to a McDonalds bribe, oh how low I had sunk in my fight for a toddlers affection. Ahhh sod it, I am allowed to spoil her that, after all, is what God Mummys are for! Maybe the shopping trip after and the whole outfit, hair accessories and sweets were a little step too far but she was happy and it was fun.

Girl's like to shop and Spud is no exception... very specific taste this girl has. Anything she thought related to food, she liked and we settled for a lovely little dress with strawberries on... 'Strawberry cake' she said. Was very cute and in my excitement of having an excuse to buy girls clothes, I took the after Maccy D's nappy change break as a great excuse to change her in to it... It was like a child with a new toy I just couldn't wait until I got home. AND she looked soooo cute!! although changing her nappy was an eye opener. She is so small and petite... Kid was a fatty from day one! I thought I was going to break her she was so little... I was fine and just for the record I didn't break her Hurrah!! So she was now in her lovely new outfit and we were in a lovely upmarket department store... So we ran riot in the hat department and tried on some lovely hats! Much to Spuds amusement and the disgust of the middle aged shop lady who was glaring at me with horror. I pretended like I hadn't seen her and carried on as we were being ever so careful and putting them back in the right place... No need for the horrid glances... moody so and so. Anyway we decided that we had had lots of fun but we might actually have to get home as Rhys needed picking up from school and Daddy Spud would be there to pick her up soon.

So here comes the annoying bit of our ever so lovely day... there has to be one doesn't there!! Anyway the oh so tragic memories of the dreaded Pram bus race soon came to light!!!.... Why do bus drivers feel the need to look at you in disgust with a slightly smug look when they say 'There's no room love, the next bus is in 10 minutes' Well I haven't got 10 bloody minutes I need to get my kid from school!! not that I said that to him I just let out an almighty disapproving sigh and the bus driver actually tutted at me! He tutted!! Is there any other thing on this earth that I hate more than someone tutting at me?.... well yes AKON he is my most hated thing but tutting comes in close second... along with Manchester United. The most patronising of things to do to someone and I am not the best at holding my tongue when in such situations. I continued by telling him that his attitude stunk and that I am not a 5 year old I am just someone with a pushchair trying to get on the bus! And that people like him give the nice bus drivers a bad name... well something along those lines... maybe not so civil... I continued to wait for another bus as he drove off with a scowl and guess what... 10 minutes my ass more like 2 seconds. Another bus came along and the happy smiley bus driver smiled and called Spuddy beautiful and smiled at me with teeth and everything! See it is possible for a bus driver to be nice to people... I think this should be the main point in the job spec and tripple checked before giving them the job... other than being able to drive a bus obviously!

I began to remember all those times I'd had to put my pushchair down one handed whilst holding Kid and my many bags of shopping whilst on lookers just sat and watched! I remember hating those people for the whole bus journey spending the whole time imagining horrid things that could happen to them... not serious things obviously I'm not a psycho. Kid was in a pushchair for a lot longer than other children and he was also a lot heavier too. He was only able to walk at 3 and I remember the struggles we had with getting places. I was rudely reminded of this and was a little annoyed that of all the bloody memories this, was the one that came back to me... grrrr damn you grumpy bus man!!

When we got back lovely Spuddy helped me put the washing out.... and with that our day had ended. :sadface: I'd had so much fun... but I was definitely shattered Toddlers are so much work!! This I now remember. Daddy Spud had appeared with Mummy Spud and with a huge skip and a jump our Spud was in their arms... in new clothes... This confused them a little but when I had explained our day they just laughed at me!... cheek of it! :happyface: I did have to run to get Kid as I thought I was late and as I left, she thought I was running away from her and got sad!! The joy on her face when Rhys and I jumped in the car (sneaking a lift as per usual) was overwhelmingly brilliant.... SUCCESS SHE DOES LOVE ME!!
Don't worry Spuddy your Alice in Wonderland would never run away, you are stuck with me for life!! There is so much more I have to teach you.... and so much more mischief for us to get into!! I heart her face so much!!...

I am labelling this a Success story (minus the bus driver)... although something has come of this day... I am now more than ever... ridiculously broody!... :shockedface:...

Looking forward to my next Spud day what will we get up to next time I wonder?

PS. remind me never to give her a red fruit shoot again... BULL... China shop... says it all!!!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

My Reading FC... well Kid's really!!

I've got to start by saying!!.... Bravo Mr Brian McDermott and the whole of the Reading fc squad for such an emotional performance last night!!

What am I going on about I hear some say...
So last night after a nail biting season and a frustrating first leg of the play-offs, Reading FC made the very exciting final and so entails a trip to Wembley in the next few weeks for Me and my brood... This morning saw Kid up and so Excited that he was watching the Reading FC Premiership Seasons DVD in his football shirt, singing away and when asked several times, refusing to take of his beloved shirt to get ready for school... He ended up going to school with it on... I thought his teachers could get him out of it save the arguments... In other words I wimped out lol.

We sadly couldn't go to the game as it was in Cardiff and it was a school night (and quite frankly we couldn't afford it). So we decided to entertain a few friends, who also weren't making the trip over the bridge and into Wales. We had decided to burn some meat on the BBQ and watch the game in comfort... and with a few beers... obviously. Bradders brought round a projector so we could watch it on the big screen which excited the boys and their need for gadgets.... OK I was quite excited too... It was pretty cool who needs the pub ay!! A few beers were consumed by the boys and a few fruit based cocktails were had by the girls... and most importantly Kid was allowed a coke even though it was 7.30pm, which is usually the time he is in bed... This amused him!! Kid stayed up late and sung and screamed his little heart out as he does. He proceeded to stuff a lot of food down his face and I am actually surprised he wasn't projectile vomiting with the excitement of the first amazing goal By Shane Long.

Kid is an avid Young Royal and he will be forever more I don't doubt. A season ticket holder for his 4th year running this will be his first trip to Wembley to see his beloved team battle for promotion. He is a huge fan of several of our players, Shane Long is his favourite at the moment though and when he scores you can see the excitement in his eyes... if the loud screaming and dancing doesn't give it away... which is so lovely/funny to see. I think this is his first ever role model and maybe even his first love lol and I am quite happy (and relieved) for it to be him and not someone random like Dappy from N-Dubz... But I am sure, if he was to see him score at Wembley, the home of football, it will no doubt be the moment of his life that he will cherish forever... No Pressure Shane!! He's met Shane plenty of times and we joke and say 'look Kid there's your mate Shane' and he loves having his pic taken with him whenever an opportunity appears. I do think that his Love of Shane Long has come from his 2nd cousin Alison, who from the moment he arrived at RFC has had a huge crush on him. Alison is also a huge Reading fan and is very passionate about the game and her team and very vocal about the fact that Girls watch football too!! She was brought up with her Dad (my uncle) taking regular trips to Elm Park and often taking her with him. She attends the games in which she can but often works on the concourse behind the bar so she can still be part of the action. She has spent years babysitting Kid on and off and is very influential to his Reading FC love.

I often get asked about the language involved in and around football and whether I think it's suitable for someone of Kid's age?.... My response is always the same... What is said and done at football STAYS at football!
Rhys knows that the words said at footy are wrong and that he mustn't repeat them outside of football. He knows that if he was to repeat anything said he wouldn't be able to attend football as a punishment. Football goes hand and hand with bad language and I feel this will never change so instead of fighting against it we have to embrace it and work around it. We are very clear on the rules about Kid going to football and Kid knows his boundaries. Boundaries are often stretched by children and as he gets in to his teens I am expecting him to try it on more and more... But let him try it I say, all kids need to experiment with pushing their boundaries it's natural and healthy BUT it is how the parent deals with it that makes the difference. I am quite strict with Kid and I believe the fact he is very well behaved in Public places and with other Adults is from his strict boundaries and being thrown in to Social situations from an early age. (basically I don't take no S**t!! lol). What are your opinions on Children at football???...

Anyway I have all my fingers and toes crossed awaiting our boys battle to join QPR in the new premiership campaign... but lets just say the fun and games of our trip to Wembley will make an excellent future post... Good Luck Boys...

To Be Continued.....

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of  Reading fc before here's a bit of history...
Reading Football Club was formed in 1871. The early matches were played at Reading Recreation Ground and other local venues before moving to Elm Park on 5th September 1896 and then to the Madejski Stadium in 1998. Reading spent several seasons back in Division Two (the former Division Three), after years of bouncing up the lower leagues, until the arrival of John Madejski as Chairman in 1990 and Mark_McGhee as manager soon afterwards revitalised the club. Under their leadership, Reading became committed to a policy of attractive, attacking football. Steady progress, including a flourishing Youth scheme and the introduction of several international players to the first team, led to the Royals becoming Division Two Champions in 1993-94. Reading thus became the only club to have won the Championships of the Second, Third, Third (South) and Fourth Divisions. Even the controversial resignation of Mark McGhee in December did little to halt the team's progress, as joint player-managers Mick Gooding and Jimmy Quinn led the side to an eventual second place, the highest ever achieved by Reading.

1998 saw Reading Football Club leaving Elm Park (its home for 102 years) and relocating to the Madejski Stadium, a splendid purpose-built, 25,000 all-seater ground where there is limitless opportunity for development and progress. The first season at Madejski Stadium was disappointing as the team failed to find any real consistency and finished tenth in Division Two, and after a poor start to the 1999/2000 season, manager Burns was sacked in September 1999. He was replaced on a caretaker basis by former reserve team boss Alan Pardew and the appointment was made permanent a month later. Pardew's first few months in charge were difficult as he made his imprint on a struggling team, and the Royals were in the relegation zone at Christmas. But between February and May the team produced championship form, winning 12 and drawing 4 of their closing 20 fixtures to secure a ten top finish. It had been a difficult season during which many changes were made, but one that left supporters in an optimistic frame of mind after a highly encouraging final three months. Pardew's side eventually had to settle for third place and the play-offs, where they were very unfortunate to lose 3-2 after extra time to Walsall in the Millennium Stadium final.
In the 2001/2 season, the Royals finally did return to Division One, securing the second automatic promotion spot on the season's closing afternoon. Promotion was achieved largely due to two separate runs of seven consecutive victories in November and January, the Club enjoyed an average home crowd of more than 14,000 - the highest figure for 50 years. 

The following campaign was another highly successful season as the Royals reached the play-offs in their first season back in Division One, before Wolves ended dreams of the Premiership in the Play-off semi-final. 
The Club was then dealt a blow in September 2003 when Pardew accepted West Ham United's offer to become new manager at Upton Park, and the board turned to former Crystal Palace, Brentford and Brighton boss Steve Coppell, who made a solid start to his reign by steering the club to a ninth-placed finish, just three points outside the play-offs. In 2004/5 the club continued to compete in the top half of the newly-named Championship, only missing out on the play-offs on the final day of the season. And in 2005/6, following the record £1million signing of Leroy Lita, Reading enjoyed a truly incredible season which stands out as the undoubted highlight of the club's 135-year history. A 2-1 opening day defeat at home to Plymouth Argyle showed little of what was to come as the Royals then went on a brilliant run, losing just one more league game and romping to the title with a record points total of 106 points. On their way they recorded 31 wins, 13 draws and just two defeats, scoring 99 goals and conceding just 32. Promotion to the top flight for the first time was assured with a 1-1 draw at Leicester City, with the title coming a week later thanks to a 5-0 triumph at home to Derby County. And, in fitting style, Sunderland's points total record was beaten on the final day of the campaign at a euphoric Madejski Stadium, when popular club skipper Graeme Murty converted a late penalty - his first goal in five years - to hand the Royals a 2-1 win at home to Queens Park Rangers.

The first Premiership season was equally as breathtaking, with the Royals finishing an incredible eighth, just one place below a UEFA Cup finish. Unfortunately that form could not be repeated in the next campaign as we were relegated on the final day of the season on goal difference. Steve Coppell then left a year later after an agonising play-off semi-final defeat to Burnley; Brendan Rodgers soon stepping in.
Rodgers remained in place until December of 2009, when Brian McDermott took over, initially on a temporary basis. McDermott led us to an historic FA Cup quarter final, including a sensational replay win away to Liverpool along the way, as well as a superb run of League form.

McDermott is still in great form and has recently lead us through in yet another FA Cup campaign and a successful League campaign seeing us 5th in the league and Playing Cardiff in the Play offs... After a frustrating 0-0 at home in the first leg of the play offs, Last night (17/05/11) we won an astonishing 3-0 to be flung to the Final at the home of football, Wembley.... TBC

Monday, 16 May 2011

RePost... Only Special People are granted Special Babies... Thanks but I hate the word Special!!

So I thought when i started I better do an Introduction to My Life and My Son as My Way sort of folds into that. You've read a little rant about social networking and a little bit about me starting the Blog but so far you know nothing about My Son, other than the fact that he is Crazy! So here is an introduction to Rhys Lee Baillie, age 8 and how his life has unfolded since his Birth in 2002.

So where to begin, maybe a quick how it came about... So I was 14/15, living with my Dad in Cambridgeshire, an unruly teenager and very, well so I thought, independent. I hated my life, my parents, school... no surprise there, as this is so called 'average teenage behaviour'. I fell into the wrong friendships, even though I already had some amazing friends who were of the 'Good' type, which again is a sign of generic teenage experimental behaviour. Now a days it's rare to find a teen who hasn't been through this at some stage of their pre teen or teen life, which, from what I went through, I think is quite a scary prospect for what our kids will face in years to come... but that's a future rant... I met a boy, who my dad obviously didn't like. He was your stereotypical 'my dads gunna hate you' type, which is no doubt why I went for him. I went a little further off the rails and moved out of my dads house as I had obviously decided I was all grown up. I think I just liked the 'shock factor' at the time. I dropped out of school (a massive mistake) and just partied myself into my 16th year of life. A few weeks after my 16th birthday I found out I was 3 months pregnant... Now that was a 'shock factor' for myself as well as for others. I had been very strict with myself and I took my pill religiously (shockingly), so to me I just couldn't be pregnant... denile didn't help matters. all I kept thinking was, So at 16 I was living in a bedsit with a boy and up the duff, when only a few short years ago I was an innocent academic in all the top sets at school with great prospects... Brilliant, now how to tell my dad?? I know, Let's just not tell him or any of my family... because that was a clever thing to do wasn't it Alice!! I held back from telling my family out of shame and pure fear and by the time they'd found out I was 6 months pregnant. Let's just say it was taken... elegantly by most but the shock of it set in quite quickly. So I tried to get on with it, with some help from friends and family, I moved up North, to Yorkshire where I'd grown up, with his Dad in tow, to be near my Mum. Here I had all my Anti Natal appointments and pregnancy fun. I had Rhys Lee Baillie, 9lb, at Scarborough Hospital, on 28/09/02 at 5.15am and after 21 hours in labour, His Dad, My mum (who works at the hospital as a nurse) & My Best Friend all had time to make it to the birth. My best friend came all the way from Cambridge on the train when she had heard I was in labour and she still made it to see his first breath, Amazing. So after a few cuddles and a good sleep the fun began...

Rhys was born with the biggest hamster cheeks I had ever seen, it was just swelling from labour but it was quite cute. I had had Cabbage Patch dolls as a child and was insistent that he looked like one (in a nice way). I was in love. He was gorgeous, massive, but gorgeous. But the doctors kept looking at him and taking him away for tests 'on his cheeks', I was quite happy for him to be tested as long as he was OK. I started getting a little sceptical of the 'doing tests on his cheeks' line as I started glancing around the room at the other new born babies... they were all scrawny and skinny looking but they weren't getting any attention from the doctors, I thought it was a bit odd that Rhys was so important. The Pedeatrition came in to the ward to see me when my mum was still there... My heart sank as he said 'I need to see you both in the morning, your mum can be there if you want her to be' he looked at her with a knowing look which I noticed straight away. When he left I asked my mum 'Is there something wrong with him?' she replied 'would it matter if there was?' in which I answered quite quickly 'no' she left it at that but it didn't stop me worrying all night.
So just over 24hrs after Rhys was born, both me and his dad were met by my mum at the Peadiatric ward. I was petrified at what I was going to hear. I knew there was something, as my mums words had swilled around my head all night 'would it matter if there was?' I knew she wouldn't have said that if there wasn't anything wrong. I was almost prepared for what he was going to say, but not, if you understand what I mean. He started saying all sorts of facts and figures, of which I don't remember but I do know it felt like he was talking for hours... He used the word 'Special' over and over and over... until the midwife, who was also in the room, told him to get on with it (which was quite funny). He eventually said the words Down Syndrome... I was already crying because of the tension in the room but I just stared blankly at him and carried on crying. His dad handled it a lot better than me, he was obviously upset but wasn't crying. I, on the other hand, was a mess. He then went on to say 'there is always the option of adoption' in which i screamed at him 'no way, how dare you' I now know he had to say it as part of his job but at the time I was fuming at the thought of giving up my tiny, helpless baby. My mum, who never cries, was tearing up and that made me worse. She knew what was coming. She had in fact spotted the signs of Downs herself and pointed them out to the midwives on the ward, in a matter of minutes after he was born. She has worked with and around Downs all of her working life and from as far back as I remember. She had held him for the first time and whilst looking at his tiny little hands had noticed his 'single crease' which is one of the main signs of Downs. If you cup your hands and look at your palm, you will notice you have 2 creases with a gap in the middle, people with Down Syndrome usually only have 1 reaching from one side to the other with no gaps. She had made the midwives aware of this and the testing began from there. I must admit I struggled a lot with the diagnosis but I do think that my history with my mum working with Downs adults was a help as it wasn't a completely new thing for me. I was in hospital for quite awhile after giving birth as they needed to keep an eye on Rhys' heart etc and do a few more tests. My family and his Dads family had been told by my mum about his Downs via the phone and so they all made the journey to Scarborough to see us... and most importantly bring me McDonalds! I was very happy with my McDonalds it was the first thing I'd smiled at since the diagnosis! It was emotional having to talk to my family about the Downs but they were all very supportive. I know that each of them had their own worries and they did all their emotional stuff away from me, which I love them for. I didn't want to leave the hospital from fear of failure but I also just wanted to escape as I was bored of my bed. I was so confused but because I am the most stubborn person on earth I pretended all was fine... It defiantly wasn't but I knew I just had to get on with it. I must add, the staff at Scarborough Hospital were amazing with me during my stay and I would like to thank them all again for making me feel so comfy with asking all my silly questions on babies and downs and dealing with my crying all those years ago. 

So we were home.... And I have no recollection of anything that happened or do I remember anything about everyday life. I remember there were arguments and that Rhys was a happy and quiet baby. I remember the Genetic specialist coming out and doing blood tests on all of us including my mum. I remember the results and the fact that Rhys' downs was Translocational Down Syndrome a genetic form stemming from MY fathers side of the family, as my mum wasn't a carrier. I remember the lady telling me that in the future I had a 1 in 5 chance of having another Downs baby, which is stupidly high for my age. I remember we moved house a lot... and I remember the friends I made along the way, Friends I still hold responsible for me being where I am today... But that's about it. I have what the doctor says is a mix between Post Traumatic Stress, Post Natal Depression and My young age and has left me with little memories of the 1st year of his life and little from the 2nd,3rd and 4th too. This is one of the most stressful things for a mother, not to remember the 1st's of your babies life... but the brain has held these memories back for a good reason I believe and with help from Jim Tubbs Galley My hynotherapist I will get a few more memories back and when I do you'll be the first to know!

Right so lets get on with what I do remember and the present day... I'll do it in sections to make it easier!

Health: Rhys has Down Syndrome that much you've got so far... he has been so lucky with his Health. He has had the all clear for his heart and this is usually the most common health problem in Downs. He gets Ill a lot during the winter due to a low immune system causing a lot of time off school due to illness. He has a Bowel problem in which he struggles with constipation due to a lazy bowel... Lazy owner of the Bowel doesn't help either! lol. He struggles with disturbed sleep, in which I found out recently is normal in Downs and is currently being researched by the bigwigs. He had Sleep apnea very young and after a few operations he was cleared... well fingers crossed anyway. Rhys struggles with his walking due to lack of muscle tone which is also generic in Downs. He can't walk long distances without stopping for a rest, also he struggles with the pain caused by his swollen Bowel so this disturbs his walking too. Recently he has been complaining about his knees too. I have noticed that he falls over a lot and that he often buckles after long periods of playing or walking. Which has also been picked up on by school after several notes home from falls. We are waiting to be referred back to the Paediatrician at the moment.
Other than that he's fine at the moment... and I thank god everyday that he is as healthy as he is... lots of small problems that can be dealt with are easier than one big problem that can't be solved.

Fame: He meets more celebs than a TV host. He starred in Take a Break magazine at the age of 3 telling the story of a Young mum and Downs which, along with his massive smile and personality, gained him a local fame status. He has a very eventful life, He'd been on TV by the age of 5 starring on 'Celebrity Scissor Hands' having his Hair cut (badly) into a Mohawk by Tamara Beckwith, in which he raised £350+ for children in need. Can't help but think there is more to come on the Fame stakes...

Friends: He has many friends old and new, far and wide. He has more adult friends than I do!!! He has friends all around the UK and likes to visit them often. He loves his friends in Bridlington but we don't get to see them much but he still loves them.

Football: He has had a season ticket for Reading FC since the age of 4 and is on first name basis with John Madejski. He is very sporty and active doing a different sport after school everyday claiming to be the next 'Star'.

Loves: He has taken a liking to everyone of my Blonde friends and is a self proclaimed tart! He loves his clothes often telling me 'No' when I try and dress him in a mismatching outfit. He loves to be in front of the camera and is always craving the attention of others whether it's by singing, dancing or making us laugh. He wants to be a star... I have no doubt it will happen!

Music: He attended his first music festival at 4 when he came along to Reading Festival to watch one of his favourite bands the The Fratellis (where he was stolen by a friend and put on his shoulders and paraded to the front of the crowd whilst high fiving everyone on the way past... scared the crap out of me! He loved it!)  He loves anything Rock n Roll or Indie and loves his drum kit and his guitar. He has taken a huge liking to Dave Grohl and all things Foo Fighters. He loves to break dance to everything.. even slow songs... I did tell you he was odd!!

Wrestling: He is obsessed with Randy Orton and John Cena. We took him to the O2 arena to see WWE and I have never seen him so happy. He dressed up in his wrestling muscle man outfit and battled the London rush hour to get to his beloved WWE. He watches it whenever he isn't watching football which makes it about 50:50 to be honest.

Computers: I used to think kids on computers was really sad... and then they invented the Wii! and I haven't found a better way of developing Rhys' hand eye coordination. He even loves the WII fit in which he is teaching himself Yoga... at 8 strange kid. Hats off to Nintendo!!

School: Another hats off to Rhys' school. Rhys attends a main stream school in Reading and has only been there since November '11 but has developed himself in leaps and bounds! Rhys has been to 2 other schools the 1st was... well just AWFUL and the 2nd was a great improvement on the 1st with some amazing people and ideas but i must admit this school is better equipped for Rhys' needs. He loves school and has started to write his words with real letters... helpful!! And speak much more clearly due to the concentration on his speech at school and at home. The teachers and children have been so welcoming to him. His teaching assistant Miss Goddard is so lovely and is amazing with Rhys and I thank her greatly for all of her time and effort in developing my stubborn, lazy child in to a school lover!

So there is a quick read through of Rhys and his Life but I am pretty sure he has a lot more to offer and I'm sure you'll find out all about it over time.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Well Here Is The First Post.... Bring it on!!!

 Hi New Blog Folks,

So this is a new venture Inspired by my lovely friend Molly and her Parenting blog I read her blog regularly even though it's about babies... and my baby is now 8! But in my defence she makes it hard to not read it as she's very creative with her writing! AND I definitely blame her for my broodiness!!

So why a blog? The main reason... I like to talk... and I generally have a lot to say on a lot of matters. I have quite an interesting Life (or so I'm told) with quite a few, OK lot's of, interesting friends and a huge family, all characters to say the least! Including my extra family I now have due to my beloved boyfriends own bunch of crazies... and One very interesting yet slightly crazy child. There are other things I would state as my main reason for doing this but I do have ONE truly great reason my life is where it is now... My son/Kid, he has Down Syndrome and this has some fascinating and interesting times and with stories past, present and ahead of us in the future he makes for brilliant reading. Also I might just add, when I say Crazy I mean positively mental! He has the oddest sense of humour and has the most amazing smile that could melt your bad mood at just a slight glance... He loves life and life, and people, love him... and i mean they REALLLLY love him!! He gets away with murder (not literally) on a regular basis. He might be mad... but I'll let you in to a secret..... All the best people are! He will be my main topic I expect so I hope you enjoy reading about odd trips and fun times... along with some serious and sad moments and a few trips to the hospital but the good times will hopefully outweigh the bad. 

OK so I have to admit I have also done it because I like to Rant... a lot, Write my thoughts and Yeah OK I'll admit I do like/love it when people read it and agree/disagree because I like to be right... I am, after all, human! I love the beloved Facebook for this reason!... But what was I thinking publishing some of my deepest inner most thoughts via Facebook... where let's face it, NOBODY CARES!! Facebook is great for something like keeping in touch but honestly some people take it too far, often I find myself thinking 'why have you just written that?!' whilst reading Facebook status' It's a definite case of I don't need to know that it's tooooo much info for my liking!! OK OK sometimes the morning after the night before I may even think to myself 'ohhhhh dear what have i done!'. Facebook can often be known as 'the root of all evil' when it comes to rows and fall outs... Jeremy Kyle always refers to it as this but let's face it without it he'd have much less interesting shows!!... But it has been an amazing success for a good reason, it links people in similar situations, reunites old friends and keeps you in touch with far away loved ones... and all for free! I am a little bit addicted to it now though i am constantly checking it on my computer and on my phone 'just in case' and i quite often write LOL at the end of my sentences... sad i know! I am hoping this blog takes away some of my addiction and reunites me with writing real words... with a few LOL's thrown in for good measure.

I look forward to starting my Blog up properly... with a little help from my crazy family antics!! 

Till Next Time Kids...